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Roasted Salmon and Broccoli Salad-recipe

Roasted Salmon and Broccoli Salad Recipe, Low-Carb!

July 5, 2019 · 0 comments

I was excited when my Roasted Salmon and Broccoli Salad was selected as one of the best low carb recipes for salmon. Roasting and one-step cooking boost the flavor of the salmon and broccoli combined with everyday ingredients for an amazing simple salad. If you have leftover salmon, you can

Barbecue Shrimp

Healthy Barbeque Shrimp Recipe

June 21, 2019 · 0 comments

My daughter, Haley, is known for my lighter version of New Orleans Barbeque Shrimp recipe (and easy). In fact, this delicious, simple shrimp recipe gave her quite the southern cooking reputation. She said, “All of my friends have been begging me to make them southern recipes and I always show

Smothered Chicken Breasts Recipe

Smothered Chicken Breasts Recipe, A Family Favorite!

May 1, 2019 · 0 comments

This Smothered Chicken Breasts Recipe is in a rich brown gravy. It is sure to be a family favorite as a comfort food dish that is also nutritious and bariatric-friendly. You can serve it over cauliflower rice and/or vegetables if you want (make sure to add to the nutritional information). When

Pepper Dijon Beef Tenderloin Recipe 2

Pepper Dijon Beef Tenderloin Recipe, 21g Protein & 1g Carb!

April 26, 2019 · 0 comments

When planning a dinner party, my Dijon Pepper Beef Tenderloin recipe always tops my menu. This recipe makes you appear like a chef in the kitchen and truly it is effortless. This scrumptious and easy whole beef tenderloin recipe makes a big impression. For a special dinner, I'll start a

Shrimp Remoulade Recipe

Shrimp Remoulade Salad Recipe, Low-Carb & Gluten-Free!

April 3, 2019 · 0 comments

Shrimp Remoulade is one of my favorites. However, I don’t like to order it at restaurants because the sauce is usually high in fat since it is made with lots of mayo. To satisfy my cravings, I created a simple remoulade sauce recipe that’s healthy. My Shrimp Remoulade recipe (in

Thai Beef Lettuce Wraps Recipe

Thai Beef Lettuce Wraps Recipe, Easy & Healthy!

March 27, 2019 · 0 comments

Have you ever made ground beef lettuce wraps? My Thai Beef Lettuce Wraps make a last minute dinner on those busy nights. These scrumptious and simple Asian beef lettuce wraps pack so much flavor with simple ingredients. For a quick dinner that everyone will love are ground beef lettuce wraps.

Chicken Butternut Squash Quinoa Stew

Chicken Butternut Squash Quinoa Stew Recipe

March 8, 2019 · 0 comments

A one-pot winning chicken butternut squash quinoa stew recipe full of fantastic hearty flavors. With precut butternut squash and rotisserie chicken, this makes one of the easiest chicken quinoa recipes. Chicken Butternut Squash Quinoa Stew Recipe Recipe by: Holly Clegg Serves: 10, serving size: 1 cup Ingredients 1-1/2 pounds butternut squash

Glazed Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Glazed Pork Tenderloin Recipe: Full of Flavor

December 14, 2018 · 0 comments

I like to create easy pork tenderloin recipes because they are such quick go-to meals. Pork tenderloin is a lean cut of meat that can be kept in the freezer to pull out for a quick dinner. It is high in protein which makes for a great bariatric surgery friendly protein