Consistency and Persistence

The Keys to Losing Weight Regain: Consistency and Persistence

February 22, 2021

What about dieting contributes to regaining the weight you have lost? Dieting starts with the initial motivation and the drive to lose, to maintain the loss, to learn and continue the skills necessary to modify ones eating behaviors “forever.” It’s not with the intent to regain. When dieters regain, is it because of will power, lifestyle changes, emotions, self-sabotage, decrease in your activity, stress, hormones, disease state/treatment, consistency, and persistence?

We may believe the answer is simple, mostly on self-blame with thoughts of: “I have no will power; I’m lazy; there is too much stress to take care of me, I can’t be bothered, I don’t have the time, my injury stopped me from going to the gym, I gained weight taking my medicine, and/or I just can’t do it.”

Simply stated, the trigger/hypothesis/reason is somewhere in between these statements and is easily and commonly misunderstood. Weight gain and weight loss aren’t occurring in a singular direction with a single behavior; therefore, we need to identify what we have control over and what we don’t. We have control of our thoughts and our behaviors. We have access to our emotions and our outcomes.

Consistency and Persistence

To lose weight regain, we can control and identify the reactions we have. We can find a path, directions, and the map to consistency and persistence.

When it comes to weight regain and weight loss, let's break down the two keywords: CONSISTENCY and PERSISTENCE. These words, thoughts, and actions are what will separate you from others, what will aid in losing the weight that was regained. These key concepts will complement the ongoing commitment to you, to your health, and to your emotional/physical well-being.

Consistency is when we adhere to the same behaviors, values, beliefs, and actions. When we act the same way or do the same thing over time.

Persistence is continuing to try to stick with something, even when you feel the challenge.

The keys to losing the weight regain is in the two words Consistency and Persistence.

Pause and ask yourself where am I (with my health) and where do I want to go?

What are my health goals? Break down this answer as specific as you can.

How will I reach my goals? Lay out the steps needed to reach your destination.

What resources do I need? Identify what is needed to optimize your outcomes.

How can I create consistency within my day? Look at your day/week/month, your daily commitments/obligations, write them down.

What was the trigger/emotion that initiated inconsistency contributing to regain?

How long was I inconsistent?

What did I do when I realized I was no longer consistent with my thoughts and behaviors nor persistent through the challenge?

To Ensure Persistence

Change the word can’t to don’t.  ex: “I can’t eat ice cream”, to “I don’t eat ice cream”.

Change the word can’t to can. “I can’t have soda”, to “I can have soda, I just don’t (or I chose not to)”.

Believe in the word I can: “I can be healthy”, “I can be active”, “I can lose the weight I regained”.

Never throw away a day for a moment, its just a moment.

Persistence is the core of commitment as it enhances our confidence and change in behavior. Persistence helps identify and modify thoughts and behaviors that may have led to both weight loss and regain.

To Ensure Consistency

Create daily and weekly routine.

Remind yourself about what brought you to want change.

Ask yourself where did you start and what is your health destination, your vision. Is this consistent with your goals?

Reward yourself for your consistent efforts.

Remember consistency decreases procrastination and increase confidence.

While persistence can help overcome challenges, staying consistent is what produces lifelong changes in our health. When we are contemplating change and are inconsistent, where does our health goals go? On a detour.

When we are ready for change and consistent, where does our health goals go? On a smooth road to health and weight loss.

Therefore, the keys to losing weight regain and achieve and maintain your health and lifestyle goals are you have to be persistent, even on the toughest of days, and stay consistent with your goals, desires, and health destination. For losing weight regain, little things matter.

Be persistent by increasing your commitment to yourself by using the phrase “I don’t” when confronted with the thoughts of “I cant.” Stay consistent by not throwing away a day for an inconsistent moment.  Follow your daily health goals and remind yourself of why you are living this healthy life and what you have done to get there; Persistence and Consistency!

Consistency and Persistence


Dr. Willo Wisotsky is a NY State Licensed Psychologist and is affiliated with New York Bariatric Group. Dr. Wisotsky has committed her research and clinical practice to the field of eating disorders and obesity with its related medical and mental health comorbidities. Dr. Wisotsky practices from a Behavioral Medicine approach with an emphasis on improving overall well being, increasing mindfulness, motivation, quality of life and health.
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