VSG Q & A’s: Weight Stalls And Plateaus

April 8, 2013

Weight Stalls and Plateaus

You are keeping your end of the bargain.  You are eating right, exercising often, and respecting the weight loss tool you have been given. So, when you step on to the scale and it doesn't budge for weeks at a time, it can be especially frustrating and discouraging.  Does everyone hit a plateau during their weight loss journey?  Is it normal for your weight to stall?  Dr. Guillermo Alvarez of Endobariatric answers the questions and offers a few insights and reminders in this video Q & A of the week.

Transcript of VSG Q & A'S: Weight Stalls and Plateaus

Hello everyone.  I am Dr. Alvarez and welcome to the question of the week.  On this episode, the question of the week...we will talk about weight stalls and plateaus. This is fairly common, asked by patients on the boards and everything.

To start off, I want to mention that after you have weight loss surgery, having a weight loss stall or a plateau is totally normal.  It is expected and it is needed for your body.  It is important for you to understand that you will not be losing weight every single day nor every single week.  And sometimes, these weight stalls may even last over a month.  All this is normal.  It's not you.  You are not a weirdo.  This is normal.  This is a long journey.  This takes months to years and the most (weight loss) will be the first 12-18 months.  So watch what you eat and exercise.  Please do not leave the sleeve to do all the work.  Remember, it is a tool.  Use it as a tool only.  And you should not depend on it.  Okay. Put some effort.

If you have been on a weight stall for some time, to help yourself to restart with the weight loss, you should start by cutting down the carbs.  Especially eliminating them.  Eliminating the carbs especially after 4pm.  Focus on cardiovascular exercise like running, jogging, cycling, elliptical machine etc.  Watch what you eat.  Think twice before choosing what to eat.

That's it for the question of the week.  I hope this helps you on your journey.  Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for future videos.  I am Dr. Alvarez with Endobariatric.com and we will see you next week. Take care.

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Dr. Guillermo Alvarez is the author of the book Successful Weight Loss with the Gastric Sleeve.  He is a highly skilled Mexico bariatric surgery practitioner who specializes in numerous forms of laparoscopic bariatric surgery, including the gastric sleeve surgery. Dr. Alvarez started his bariatric surgery specialization early in his general surgery residency. He worked in several hospitals in the United States, France and Mexico during his residency and has subsequently dedicated his life to helping obese patients.



Dr. Guillermo Alvarez is a Mexican, board certified, bariatric surgeon who is a member of the prestigious associations ASMBS, IFSO and SAGES. He did his bariatric surgery training in Mexico, USA and France and now he only focuses on the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure and the is author of the book "Successful Weight Loss with the Gastric Sleeve". He heads up the team at Endobariatric Bariatric Center in Piedras Negras, Mexico.

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