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WLS Tricks and Treats for a Healthy Halloween

October 9, 2012

As weight loss surgery patients, we don't have to be tricked by the Halloween treats that disrupt our healthy habits and lifestyle. We've put together some suggested substitutes that are true treats when it comes to decreased carbohydrates, sugar and fat. In addition, we've included an Activity Tip* for each high caloric food treat to demonstrate possibly how much activity it would take to burn off those calories.
Food Fave: Caramel apple = 300 calories
Healthier Choice: Soy Rocks Caramel Apple Crunch Bar = 88 calories


Food Fave: Plain M&M's = 245
Healthier Choice: Smartforme Chocolate Soy Crunchies = 150


Food Fave: Auntie Anne's Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel = 470
Healthier Choice: Kay's Naturals Cinnamon Toast Pretzels = 120


Food Fave: White Cheddar Cheez-It crackers = 220
Healthier Choice: Specialty Cheese Wisconsin White Cheddar bar = 75 calories


Food Fave: Apple crisp = 227 calories
Healthier Choice: Nutrigrain Apple Cinnamon Cereal Bar = 139 calories


Food Fave: Snickerdoodle cookies (3) = 210 calories
Healthier Choice: Barbara's Bakery Snickerdoodle cookies (10) = 120 calories


Food Fave: Snickers = 271 calories
Healthier Choice: Focus 28 Caramel Butter Pecan Bar = 160 calories


Food Fave: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (2) = 210 calories
Healthier Choice: Chocolite Peanut Butter Cup Patties (2) = 80 calories


Food Fave: Starbucks Nonfat Hot Chocolate = 204 calories
Healthier Choice: Chocolate Stevita Delight Drink Mix = 13 calories


Food Fave: Pumpkin Pie (homemade from a recipe) = 316 calories
Healthier Choice: Kashi TLC Fruit and Grain Pumpkin Bar = 120 calories


When you plan ahead and stay committed to the healthy choices you've made throughout the year, there will be no tricking you this Halloween!  You won't fall for any of the Fall season favorites.  Have a happy and healthy Halloween!

*Activity Tip information was based on a weight of 250 pounds.
(Time to burn calories is given closest to the amount for each activity.)

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