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Your Guide to a Great 2018 & Happy New Year!

December 29, 2017

You can make this the year that you accomplish the resolutions or goals you set so you have a great 2018!

New Year's resolutions can be a set-up. Only 8% of people actually keep their New Year's resolutions (or goals). Why is it such a low percentage? A few reasons are that we can set up too many changes, taking on too much at one time (all or nothing thinking), and getting derailed by obstacles they encounter or perceived failures.

To increase your success, if you've veered off track working on one of your resolutions, don't stop, keep going. The path to change and reaching goals will have speed bumps along the way. Keep telling yourself that you can do it because you can. Overcome any obstacles by getting right back on track to making your resolutions successful!

To support you with your WLS-related goals, considering plastic surgery, healthier nutrition, incorporate exercise and fitness, improved health, and to be motivated for a great 2018, we hope this guide will help you to achieve the success you want!

Your Guide to a Great 2018!

Goals:  Weight Loss Surgery

Should I Choose the Vertical Sleeve (VSG) or Gastric Bypass (RNY)? - The decision to have weight loss surgery is a life-changing one. If you're researching the bariatric surgery procedures, you can find out helpful information to know more about the VSG (Sleeve) and the Gastric Bypass (RNY).

8 Tips for My Family and Friends to Understand WLS - If you're planning to have WLS or already have, you may find that your family and friends don't understand your surgery or are concerned about your well-being and health. Consider writing an open letter to address their questions and concerns so they can better support you!

Benefits & Risks of Bariatric Surgery: Is It For You? - The maze of information about bariatric surgery can be overwhelming to navigate. By reading about the benefits and risks, you'll have a better understanding to weigh the benefits against the risks to make the best decision for yourself!

8 Strategies for Success After Weight Loss Surgery - Most of us think that success after WLS is that we've lost the excess weight we want. Yes, that is an indicator of success but there's much more to it. The gauge of your success isn't limited to the scale. Learn about the larger picture of success with WLS and celebrate your own successes!

What To Expect From a Lap-Band Revision to VSG, RNY, or DS - Many of us consider having revision surgery for a variety of reasons. For example, if you had a Lap-Band and are considering a revision to another weight loss surgery procedure, check out what to expect from revising to the VSG, RNY, or DS!

Goals:  Body Contouring, Plastic Surgery

What You Need to Know About Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss - Many people that have had a massive weight loss consider body contouring. The process and recovery from plastic surgery are different than other surgeries. Check out what you can do to maximize your results!

How To Prepare for Plastic Surgery Before Reaching Your Goal WLS Weight - If you haven't reached your goal weight after having WLS, you can be proactive and start to prepare for plastic surgery. Begin your physical and emotional preparations ahead of time so you're ready when the time is right for plastic surgery!

The Reality of Skin Elasticity After Bariatric Surgery - Due to years of obesity or yo-yo dieting, our skin can lose elasticity which can be an issue to having plastic surgery after WLS. Understand the process of inflation and deflation of skin with examples of photos so you can be informed for your own plastic surgery!

Options for Scar Therapy After Plastic Surgery - Scars can occur with any surgery but scars after plastic surgery can be a concern. The good news is that there are many ways to impact scars that include nutrition, scar therapies, and sun protection. Know about your options for scar therapy after plastic surgery!

What To Expect For Your Tummy Tuck, Breasts, and Arm Lifts - For many of us, we aren't prepared for the appearance of our body after massive weight loss. The amount of hanging, excess skin can be a problem physically and mentally. Know what you can expect from a tummy tuck, breasts lift, and arm lifts!

Goals:  Nutrition and Food Choices

What Is Carb Sensitivity and How to Know If You Have It - If you have concerns about how you feel physically or your weight,  could it be due to carb sensitivity? Many of us are carb sensitive and unaware of it. Determine if you are carb sensitive and carb reduction if you are carb sensitive!

What's the Skinny on Healthy Fats After WLS? - Do you avoid eating fats in the food choices you make? Our bodies need fat and consuming healthy fats is needed for good health. Check out the three types of fats, the types you need and what to avoid, and how you can incorporate healthy fats into your healthy eating!

10 Ways to Keep Your Weekend Eating on Track - Weekends can be an especially challenging time to eat on track. If eating is easier for you during the week but you take a detour on the weekends, you won't have to now. Handle your weekend eating so you have the same success during the weekdays and weekend!

7 Effective Ways to Fight Grazing After WLS - Grazing is a habit. It is generally an impulsive, mindless habit that we've set up but it one of the habits that can hijack your weight loss. Grazing doesn't register in our heads as a meal. If you're a grazer, fight back with these 7 ways!

A Helpful Guide for Understanding Protein Supplements After WLS - Protein is required for all of our bodily functions and important after WLS. Protein supplements are all different so knowledge is key when buying what you need. Find out about protein, supplements, and amino acids for the best choice for you!

Goals: Exercise and Fitness

10 Tips To Get Fit Without A Gym Membership - The gym is a great place to exercise and stay fit. If you prefer not to step foot in a gym or spend the money, you don't have to. You can get a fantastic workout without a gym by using any of these 10 tips for ways you can get and stay fit!

How To Use Exercise To Curb Food Cravings - You might have done a double take when you read this title. Exercise is a great way to curb food cravings, and it doesn't require that you workout for an hour for every craving. Watch the videos with the helpful ways to kick your food cravings to the curb!

Exercise After Bariatric Surgery To Lose & Maintain Your Weight - When you exercise after bariatric surgery, you set yourself up for long-term success with the powerful habit of exercise. Exercise helps you to lose weight and maintain it. When you read about the benefits and types of exercise, use that as motivation for exercising!

Figuring Out Fitness and What Works For You - For many of us, the word "exercise" isn't a fun thing to think about. What if exercise was fun for you? There isn't a right or wrong type of exercise. After reviewing this information, start the exercise and fitness program that would be fun and work for you!

10 Benefits of Cardio and Strength Training - Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do. After losing weight, our bodies have a new freedom of movement that doesn't limit us any longer. Love how your body feels with the benefits of cardio and strength training as your body gets stronger!

Goals:  Improved Health and Weight Loss Surgery

Will WLS Resolve All Common Co-Morbid Conditions? - One of the reasons for having weight loss surgery is to impact the serious co-morbid conditions that we have from being obese. Find out the clinical information on obesity, weight loss surgery, and the common co-morbid conditions!

Treating Type 2 Diabetes with Weight Loss Surgery - There is a strong association between Type 2 Diabetes and weight loss surgery. Many health professionals think of diabetes and WLS as metabolic surgery. Learn about the early intervention of treating Type 2 Diabetes and if WLS is for you!

Reactive Hypoglycemia After WLS: Causes, Symptoms & Nutrition Tips - Reactive hypoglycemia is common for many post-ops, especially Gastric Bypass RNY post-ops. When you incorporate the nutrition tips and the carb information, you'll be able to prevent reactive hypoglycemia!

Constipation After WLS and 10 High Fiber Foods To Keep You Going - Constipation can be an issue after having WLS but is one that you can be proactive about. If you struggle with constipation, after using the helpful tips, increasing the fiber in your diet, and include the high fiber foods, your body will get back to going!

Are Bariatric Vitamins Best for WLS Patients? - One of the most frequently discussed topics among Community members is vitamins. If you are unsure about your nutrition and vitamin supplementation, and how to avoid deficiencies, find out what you need to know!

Goals:  Motivation to Get You Where You Want To Be

Your Mindset After WLS is a Tool For Success - It makes sense if our mindset before we had surgery was negative or didn't include thoughts that propelled us to healthy habits, we need to change our mindset. You'll see how changing your mindset is one of the most effective and powerful tools you'll use for long-term WLS success!

How To Be Full From Within After WLS - One of the reasons many of us overate to the point of morbid obesity is that we experienced an emptiness inside that we tried to fill with food. After WLS, it is a factor to lose weight and maintain it by being full within yourself without an unhealthy relationship with food!

5 Negative Labels Bariatric Patients Love To Use - We can limit ourselves or pigeon-hole ourselves by slapping a label to describe ourselves. There are 5 negative labels that bariatric patients use as an identity to how they perceive themselves. Break free from any limiting labels and be a label breaker!

Weight Regain After Bariatric Surgery: How You Can Rebound From It - Unfortunately, weight regain can happen after surgery. In fact, regain is common and is frustrating, disappointing and seems insurmountable to lose. You'll learn how a post-op rebounded from regain plus his 5 ways to combat regain!

Keeping Yourself Motivated After Bariatric Surgery - Motivation is one of those things we want and need, but don't necessarily know how to get it and keep it. Until now. When you know the ingredient for motivation after WLS and 5 ways to stay motivated, you'll not only get motivation but keep it too!

Your Success Can Start Today

New Years Day Can Be Any Day - There isn't any magic to January 1st. If you didn't start your goals on January 1st, no problem because you can make any of the other 364 days your New Year. For many of us, the date of January 1 symbolizes a new, fresh beginning. Your new beginning can be any day!