Scale Does Not Define You

Your Scale Does Not Define You: 5 Articles To Remind You So!

March 27, 2024

Your Scale Does Not Define You: It’s so easy to fixate on the numbers we see on the scale and even rewarding to see the pounds disappear at our daily or weekly weigh-ins. But what about when the numbers go up or stay the same? It can be disheartening right? It is important to remember that the scale doesn't offer a comprehensive assessment of our overall health and well-being. Those numbers don’t tell you if you have gained muscle weight or lowered your body fat percentage.

The scale surely doesn’t take into account  the reasons why you haven’t lost weight; fluid retention, hormonal shifts, medications, and more. The truth is, your weight is just one facet of your journey and progress towards reaching your goals. These five articles explore the many reasons why your scale does not define you.

Not About The Scale

It’s Not About the Scale

Bariatric surgery is a big step in someone’s weight loss journey. It is a procedure that changes your life in so many ways. However, I have often seen patients focus on the numbers on the scale and forget to see the big picture. It is important to know that it’s not about the scale.

Self-Worth is Not Equal to the Number on the Scale

Many people struggle with defining themselves as “good enough” in today’s world regardless of weight. However, those struggling with this, in addition to the scale, can be quite overwhelming. Here are some steps to help you develop your self-worth in a healthy way, away from the scale.

Is the Weight on Your Scale Too Important?

What is the relationship between you and your scale? When we've been overweight and tried umpteen diets, the scale has become a friend and a foe. We can ignore the scale for long periods of time or step on/off multiple times throughout the day.  Is the relationship between you and your scale healthy or harmful?

Obsessing Over the Scale, How & When to Weigh Yourself

Do you find yourself weighing yourself five times a day or maybe even every hour? Obsessing over the number staring back at you, and becoming a slave to the scale?Although it may be exciting to see the pounds melt off your body after your post-bariatric surgery, you should take into account that weight fluctuates.

Throw Out Your Scale and Enjoy The Ride

Don't Focus on Your Scale, Focus on Your Journey!  Some people focus all their energy on trying to reach a particular number on the scale and follow an approach based solely on a temporary sacrifice. As soon as they reach their scale weight goal, they typically start eating poorly again and stop exercising as frequently. It’s disastrous!

Scale Does Not Define You