Monday! Whatcha Eatin? R U Moving??

Kim S.
on 6/24/12 11:39 pm - Helena, AL
We need rain!  We got 5 minutes of rain yesterday.  My DD and I bought us a kiddie pool Saturday so we played like a couple of 4 year olds!  We also went to boot camp Saturday morning-suffice it to say that only my hair doesn't hurt.  As much as I work out, how can I be this sore?  It was obviously time for a change.

Yesterday hit the red dot clearance racks at Belk-extra 50% of***** a formal dress for my cruise....$13!

Eats today:
B1-Jimmy Dean Delights quesadilla
B2-grilled chicken breast
L-Lean Cuisine Pizza
D-brat with kraut

Dessert-NSA ice cream treat
Leslie M.
on 6/25/12 2:05 pm - AL
I love a great clearance sale!  Don't you just love getting nice things dirt cheap?!?!

Still at work today.  Been doing some 16 hr days so my energy level is down and I am staying is hot and I have been sweating a ton.

B:  1/2 ww bagel with cream cheese and turkey slices, sliced strawvberris
S:  Iced Coffee
L:  2 slices grilled eggplant with mozzarella cheese, 1 c. ww pasta and grilled fresh veggies!
D:  same as lunch!
S:  handful of peanuts

Not near enough protein today!  But I have loved the fresh produce today!

on 6/26/12 5:01 am - Chattanooga , TN
RNY on 06/13/12
looked for you to add you but it said your profile was private you live where I used to and my sons dad lives in alabaster and my mom lives close to Helena.

Would love new clothes but goodwill is my friend til I get where I need to be.
Leslie M.
on 6/26/12 9:01 am - AL
Oh you are going to go through sizes FAST!
You are now added to my friends list!

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