Wednesday roll call

on 4/27/16 11:08 am - Brighton, IL

Me again checking in. Raining here today near St Louis but I did get a 3 mile walk in at the park with my rescued boxer Lily. She LOVES to walk and keeps me very active which definitely helps with keeping my weight stable. I am very cautious about regain as I do NOT want to go back to the before me. I still measure my food when I am at home and track on my fitness pal every day. I also have a before picture posted on my frig to keep me from eating those things I shouldn't. Busy day today with housework and helping serve a meal for seniors at city hall. Hubby is retired and we do lots of community service work to keep us busy. Before and after pics to follow. Have a great day everyone!



crystal M.
on 4/28/16 7:00 am - Joliet, IL

Sorry I missed your post yesterday. 

I will have to post my before and after pic at some point when I have time (and I'm not at work). 

Oh I am hating this rainy weather we are having.  I am wanting to get outside and dig into my garden.  Looks like next week will be a good week. 

Me an my husband both still work. He works in computers and drafting and I work in accounting.  It would be nice to be retired have more time to do all the things you always put off because you have to work.

We're supposed to go to the gym today.  That will be good...I need that.

Well got to get going. 


on 4/28/16 12:02 pm - IL

I agree with Crystal. These yucky days suck. I am ready for pool time, plus, I need to get started on tanning if we are taking a cruise in June. I really don't want to go to a tanning booth.

I did go get some groceries this morning. Now I am going to  make chili for supper. I think (hope) that this will be last time until fall.

Who has plans for the weekend? I am meeting my daughter Annette for lunch tomorrow. That will be it for this weekend.




on 4/28/16 12:39 pm - Brighton, IL

I know what you mean about tanning. My legs are so white at the start of summer they are blinding! We are getting some sun now (Thursday afternoon)but there is still a breeze and it's a *****illy. I did get my 3 mile walk in with my dog Lily and walked home from church which is a mile and a fourth. I love being able to walk all I want and not be out of breath. So thankful for my surgery!



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