Mother's Day Roll Call

on 5/8/16 7:48 am - IL

Happy Mother's Day,

My youngest this morning called me to wish me a Happy Mother's

Day at 6:30 a,m,.

Hubert is working, and I am going to get some stuff done here. We were going to BBQ this afternoon, but the weather isn't cooperating, so not sure if we are going out to eat or getting carry outs.

Have a great day.






on 5/8/16 5:23 pm - Brighton, IL

I had a pretty good Mothers Day here too! Had church this morNing then went with my in laws out to lunch. Got calls from both boys too wishing me a happy mothers day. Gloomy day but great to hear from and spend time with family too. Got my walk in with the dog and some household chores done too. Pretty good day overall! Hope you had a good one too!



Nancy G.
on 5/8/16 8:00 pm - La Salle, IL

Hello Everyone!

I am returning from the land of lost!  So much has happened to me in the last 6 months.  Rick is still in the nursing home although he is doing much better.  We are looking at a homecoming in another month or two.  He is gaining progress much more rapidly since the first of the year.  Each week I see new accomplishments.  He has come a long way.  The stroke was much more severe than they first thought.  

Gage is in Japan until August.  He was there for about a week when the earthquake struck.  So he has now experienced an earthquake.  The 6 kids from Augustana are now helping out the residents.  They are taking courses there for the spring semester.  It is a full imersion program in Japanese so they are getting a full dose of Japanese lifestyle culture and all. So far he loves it except for the tunnel of the bed that they had him sleeping in.  He is claustrophobic.  

I am out of a job again.  The company that I went with that subcontracted with Office Depot had their contract yanked by Office Depot so Office Depot has now gotten to "fire" me twice.  I feel like they have taken a knife and stabbed me in the back and twisted it.  I really have no respect for that company.  They are treating their customers like crap.  

I definitely liked working from home so I am trying to find another work from home job.  I have been following everyone on facebook and trying to catch info on here but have been bad.  I spend most of my time with Rick.  

I will try to do better.  Talk to you all later. 


    Cat Lady

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