Thursday Roll Call

on 5/12/16 5:09 am - IL

Good Morning, another gray day When will spring decide to come back and stay. I cannot remember another year that we have had to have the heat on past 5/1. 

I have had a flat of gerainiums, I know, spelling, that I need to plant for over a week. But, the ground is to wet to work. I am sure I will get it done, but I want it done now.

Otherwise, today is cleaning day.

Tomorrow I get to spend another day with Annette. We are going to Bloomington to get Morgan's birthday and graduation gifts. Then we are meeting Monica for lunch at a Greek place.

Have a great day and keep dry.







on 5/12/16 6:24 am - Brighton, IL

Gray day here in the Alton area and a chill to the air too. My boxer Lily and I got our 3 mile walk done early since showers are possible later. In a few minutes I head up to open up the local food pantry for the day. Better get off here and get my cup of coffee made too! Have a great day all you Illinois peeps!



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