Wish me luck on my surgery.

on 6/12/11 11:56 am
I'm having surgery early Monday hopelfully to correct a long existing sinus problem that has affected my breathing, my sense of taste and sense of smell.

It's outpatient surgery. I'll write when I feel up to it.
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on 6/12/11 12:09 pm
Good luck with surgery and I hope you have a speedy recovery! Just think how much safer this surgery will be at a healthy weight! 
~Mary Ann~             
on 6/13/11 8:11 am
(deactivated member)
on 6/12/11 12:20 pm
Herc!!!  Best of luck to you!!!  You are in my thoughts and prayers!  I had eight of them so far but the last one was the charm.  Wishing you luck with your first! 
MSW will not settle
on 6/12/11 12:33 pm

Good luck, positive vibes, and prayers for a safe, uneventful  and succesful  procedure. 

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on 6/12/11 12:42 pm, edited 6/12/11 12:42 pm - TN
VSG on 09/23/11 with

Good to know this Philip ... luck, prayers, good thoughts, and a BIG HUG  for your
procedure to go perfectly.  - Marsaglia

on 6/13/11 8:11 am
Tammy G.
on 6/12/11 1:06 pm
RNY on 06/16/11 with
Good luck!!
on 6/12/11 1:11 pm
Good luck and may you have a speedy recovery!!!!
Mag (Marguerite) P.
on 6/12/11 2:09 pm - Green Valley, AZ

     I had sinus surgery last December (2010) I have not one problem since. It's been wonderful. I'd do it again in a moment.    Mag   

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