4 Years Out...

on 3/5/12 3:22 am - Lawton, OK
Hi there. I had my surgery Jan 2008. I just went back and read some of my blogs. My oh my times have changed. I was down to 120 lbs. I got addicted to pain pills. On one hand I am glad that I got clean but now I am clean and up to 160. My honeymoon period is sooooo over but I still get things stuck like pasta rice and sometimes lettuce. I am now using daily plate and I am going to start walking an hour a day.

Anymore suggestions to help get back down to original goal 145???

Gina 18 Years Out
on 3/5/12 3:59 am - Burleson , TX

Hi there! Welcome back! I am a firm believer in the honeymoon never being "over". I didn't reach goal until I was NINE YEARS out, and that was after having a 70 lb regain, having never reached goal, in the first place-so forget all that "honeymoon is over" nonsense. You still have your tool, and you still can use it.

"Up to 160"???? No biggie. That's only 15 lbs from where you WANT to be-right? And you want to do it in a HEALTHY way-right? So you already KNOW what to do-right?

You already made the 1st step-by making up your mind...

Then you made the 2nd step-voicing it here-with peeps who totally "get it"...

Now..step 3...what's your food/fluid/exercise plan going to be? Forget the "all fluids only" crap...IMHO..that will just make you hungry/set you up for failure/make you feel defeated...PLAN out the next few days..protein first..followed by green stuff...complex carbs if there is tummy space..and FOLLOW that plan...planning is KEY..as we all know..it's a pain in the [email protected]@ sometimes, but we know it's WORKS...

My BEST advice: come here OFTEN, and SHARE SHARE SHARE..nothing you say will shock any of us!!!

You CAN do this!!!!!!!

RNY 4-22-02... HAG=Honest And Genuine

LW: 6lb,10 oz SW:340lb GW:170lb CW:160

I learn something new, EVERY day, from SOME body

on 3/5/12 4:29 am - Lawton, OK
Thank you so much Gina. Hopefully the honeymoon phase is NEVER over. I know I still have my pouch....Thank goodness.  I never really used Greek yogurt before. I love it. I have been eating chicken salad like its going out of style. Just right out of the bowl. Popcorn 94% less than 100 calories with sprayed with olive oil and ranch seasoning. Dinner is usually a salad. no cheese itailan dressing paul neumans (really good) No eating after 7:30. BUT always I get a sweet craving about 9:00pm.

Like I said before thank you for responding. When I looked on the board I knew I wasnt a RNY failure or it wasnt my biggest regret I didnt need a revision so I did not know where to post.

I would never do the "7 day reset pouch" thing..I already did my liquid diet before the surgery.

I really hated drinking the protein at the beginning of my journey... any suggestions to get the protein in??


Gina 18 Years Out
on 3/5/12 4:49 am - Burleson , TX

NICKOLLE-Congrats on the greek yogurt. I have learned to love it-I eat it every day-GREAT way to painlessly up the protein.

"Salad for Dinner"-with chicken, I hope? Use every chance you get to thrown in some protein-it adds up quickly.

For sweet cravings that you KNOW are going to happen, PLAN something special just for YOU..maybe a SF pudding, with some pretty cool whip on top--something you can look forward to?

You are ABSOLUTELY not a FAILURE !!!!!!!!!!!

Like KIM said-exercise is a KEY component too-and must be treated as such-plan it just like you plan everything else-those steps add up quickly, and, before you know it, you will be where you WANT to be !!!!

RNY 4-22-02... HAG=Honest And Genuine

LW: 6lb,10 oz SW:340lb GW:170lb CW:160

I learn something new, EVERY day, from SOME body

Kim S.
on 3/5/12 4:38 am - Helena, AL
Absolutely.  What Gina said.

Please make sure you exercise.  That is the key that has kept me at goal....I've built some muscle and that has helped my metabolism.

You can do it and we are here for you.
on 3/5/12 4:46 am - Lawton, OK
That I think that what has done me in. I basically just lay on the couch and watch tv all day long. I do not work. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Well now for a third time.

on 3/5/12 5:12 am - Lawton, OK
I have to keep reminding myself that i am 35 years old. I just hate my clothes. I miss not having fat back.  Just going to the movies this weekend seeing people wearing t-shirts and not having bra rolls.

Anyone know of any good exercises to get rid of it???

Kim S.
on 3/5/12 5:21 am - Helena, AL
Google "back flys".  Good for developing the back muscles.
Mary Catherine
on 3/5/12 10:08 am
 A few suggestions.  Quest Protein Bars, lots of water, and weigh every single day.  Figure on 10 calories for each pound you want to maintain, so 1450 for 145 pounds.  It is good to get really low on calories some days, like down to 1000.  This will really help with the losing phase.  Of course lots of exercise and food tracking which you are already doing.
TinkL *.
on 3/5/12 11:09 am - Columbia, SC
I'm 6 years out in October and I also didn't reach goal, had some bounce back.  I was dx'd for the second time with diabetes so I took stock. 

For the last 2 years I have been having thyroid problems.  Graves disease (overactive thyroid) but without the weight loss - darn it!!  The medicine I was treated with made me hypo - underactive.  Ugh!  40 lb bounce back weight.

Eat natural foods, as they come from nature.  Without sauces, without extras.

Check on google for glycemic index.  Choose a variety of items from the lower end of the table.  These are the foods that will keep you full and not spike your blood sugars.

Since the first of February when I got my dx of diabetes, I have been watching and journalling everything I put in my mouth.   I found a cracker here, a biscotti there, were really adding up. 

- Breakfast:  I got back to my chocolate protein shakes with a heaping tsp of instant coffee.  That is breakfast. 
- Lunch or dinner will consist of protein (chicken, fish, pork, not much beef) and as many vegetables that I can eat.   
- The other meal of the day will  be soup filled with vegetables and a small bit of protein - could be 2% cheese, could be a couple of crackers with peanut butter. 

I allow myself 1 snack in the morning, usually yogurt or a piece of fruit.  One snack in the afternoon, usually cottage cheese or cheese and crackers. 

Since the first of Feb I have lost 20 pounds.  If you are honest with the quality of your food, the weight seems to be falling off again.  

-  Walking every day, I have to walk with a cane and it does cut down on exercises that I can do.
-  Drinking lots of tea and water every day.
-  I cut out the coffee  as the creamer was getting to be high in calories too.

You can do this.  I have other WLS friends that have dealt with bounce back weight also.  They have cut out the sauces and dips, cut out the potato chips that slide down so easily.  They have gone back to basic natural eating.  Nothing drastic.  One of them is 8 or 9 years out now and she is still able to lose the extra weight.

Good luck and keep us posted!!  It will help you retain some accountability and will encourage the rest of us with similar problems to just keep on doing what makes sense for us. 

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