Gastric sleeve biggest mistake of my life

on 4/8/14 3:06 am

I had a gastric sleeve done in May of 2012. This surgery has changed my life for the worst. I have been on a feeding tube for nine months now and it is the only thing keeping me alive. I cannot eat more than two or three bites of anything and have no appetite at all. This surgery was the worst mistake of my life!

Sandy M.
on 4/8/14 3:38 am - Detroit Lakes, MN
Revision on 05/08/13

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!  Can you give us more detail on the complications and how you got to this point?

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on 4/8/14 5:24 am

My surgeon sent me to a gastro doctor to try to relax my stomach with Botox. That procedure didn't help. I have what my doctor says is nerve damage in my stomach. I do not see anything good in my future right now with this problem. I have taken numerous drugs to try to give me an appetite to no avail.

Sandy M.
on 4/8/14 5:36 am - Detroit Lakes, MN
Revision on 05/08/13

So is the issue stomach spasms, or an inability to eat, or no appetite?  Have you had this problem since surgery?  Was the surgeon considered at fault, and if so, have you taken legal action?

If yours is a cautionary tale, you need to give specifics.  There are many, many VSG success stories out there (I consider myself one of them), so what is your goal?  Get advice?  Warn pre-ops?  What would you do differently?

I'm very sorry for what you're going through, but what can we do to help you?

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on 4/8/14 5:50 am

I have no appetite at all. When I attempt to eat it makes me need to throw up most of the time. I don't have any spasms just can't take more than a couple of bites. It doesn't matter what I try to eat either. I cannot prove that anything went wrong with the surgery.

Laura in Texas
on 4/8/14 3:47 am

What does your surgeon say? Have you gone somewhere else for a second opinion, like the Cleveland Clinic?? I hope you can find some sort of relief soon.

Laura in Texas

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Citizen Kim
on 4/8/14 3:52 am - Castle Rock, CO

If it's a physical problem, I hope you have a team looking at it and coming up with suggestions on how to remedy it (surgical?).  

If it's a psychological problem, I hope you are getting help for that with a therapist who specialises in eating disorders.

Nobody should be this far out and unable to eat enough to sustain them - no wonder you are feeling regretful.

Please give us more details - there may be people here who have experienced this and can help with information.

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on 4/8/14 4:38 am
RNY on 12/18/13

I'm sorry to hear you're having so much trouble. For many people, the sleeve is a great weight loss tool. Unfortunately, like any other surgery, there is always the risk of complications, and you seem to have been most unfortunate in that regard. Does your doctor have any information about why specifically you're having so much trouble?

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GeekMonster, Insolent Hag
on 4/8/14 7:53 am - CA
VSG on 12/19/13

Sherry, I'm so sorry that you're having such horrific complications.  It sounds so heartbreaking.

Have you consulted with another surgeon for a second opinion?  Are you even able to leave your house?  I can't imagine the pain of what you're going through.

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on 4/8/14 7:58 am

I am having such depression and anxiety right now it is so hard to go out. I lost my boyfriend of four years because he could not deal with my illness anymore. I retired from my job of 28 years and am now seeking disability.

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