Anyone know of a small fiber pill to take?

on 9/19/14 3:06 am

I've been taking chewable fiber but would like to start with a pill. Can you recommend a SMALL fiber pill? I can find the regular size ones anywhere but am wondering if someone makes a small one. Thanks.


on 9/19/14 5:55 am
VSG on 12/04/14

I was told by my nutritionist that I can use Psllium. I bought the powder and put it in my smoothies and can't even tell its there. But it does come in Vcap form. My daughter takes Fiber Well gummies = 5 gms of fiber per 1 gummie from Costco.

kerry B.
on 9/20/14 4:35 pm, edited 9/20/14 4:36 pm
VSG on 11/04/13

I have tried every kind of fiber, pills, powder, gummies, wafers.  For me, there is no form that works better than sugar free gummies.  Two in the morning two at night.  Train is on schedule like never before.

Is there a reason you want to take a pill??

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Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 9/21/14 5:35 am - OH

Why not just use something powdered like Benefiber which is completely undetectable when mixed in other drinks??

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