Day Late B*TCHFest: come on in!

Bette B.
on 6/4/15 6:20 am

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"B*TCHFest"  is provided as a public service to those of us who have gripes and grievances but who (whom?), for whatever reason, lack a regular forum in which to air them. You are welcome to voice any problems - large or small, important, mundane or ridiculous -  that currently have your panties wadded, your shorts frosted and your gears ground. Don't hold them in and risk future medical issues, wrinkles and/or those pesky gray hairs.

ANY and ALL issues that are plaguing you are open for you to voice; there are no "sacred cows." They say that "feelings aren't facts", so if you're feeling it, it's legit to you. NO ONE is allowed to flame a poster for something he or she writes, however commiseration is not only welcomed but encouraged. Please, no personal attacks against other OH members (at least, not by name).

I'll start you off with a few gripes of mine, and you all can join in at any time! No limits - come back as many times as you like!

WARNING! Posts may (and probably will) contain "adult" content and language. Rated TV-MA.

- 6 in the morning, and some asshole is out in the street, beeping his horn over and over again to get someone to come out of the house across the street. GET YOUR ASS OUT OF THE CAR AND GO TO THE GODDAMNED DOOR!

-Sunglasses at the gym: stop being so ******g pretentious. 

- People who sweat like a pig at the gym. I don't mind that they're exercising hard, but for god's sake, if you're dripping on the floor and equipment, wipe it up.

- While you're at it, re-rack your weights, get off the frigging phone, and stop bathing in ****ty perfume after your shower. If you smell so bad that you need that much fragrance, you need to shower again.

- Planet Fitness: fix the **** that's been broken for 6 months!!

- Can you tell that I went to the gym this morning? 

- Drama at work. Jesus, people. It's not high school. 

- The usual freak outs on OH: I'm two weeks out from surgery and I've only lost _________. Ermahgerd, I'm a month out and I've stopped losing! CALM. THE. HELL. DOWN, people! Did you get obese overnight? NO. And you won't get BACK overnight, either.

- "Which surgery should I get?" How should *I* know? And why would you want to take the advice of someone who knows nothing much about you and your health issues, lifestyle, etc? YOU and your doctor(s) should be deciding that!

Okay. Done. Your turn.




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on 6/4/15 6:44 am - Lutz, FL
RNY on 06/12/15

I am in the public eye a lot where I live because I have owned bars and am involved with radio personalities and local bands.  Because of this I do what I can to be as open about my life as possible because secrets are the death of anyone.  Whoever said bullying only happens in schools is a dumbass!  I have people, who wear purple on anti bully days and denounce it on facebook, fat shaming me now to the point where I don't even want to go downtown!  I seriously don't know what I might do to someone.  How do adults live with themselves?  I am disgusted by how downright evil people can be.  And the thing that sickens me even more are the people who stand right next to them and are afraid to say anything for fear they will turn on them next.  No one stands up for respect any longer.  Its a disgrace.

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on 6/4/15 3:27 pm

No one stands up for kindness, courage, ethics, or taking the "high ground."

And if YOU were the bullied one and finally stood up for yourself after years of abuse, and say-decked someone, you the victim would get in trouble for it when the bully whined or cried.


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on 6/4/15 3:38 pm - Lutz, FL
RNY on 06/12/15

So so true

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on 6/5/15 7:03 pm

Yup, and well said. Thanks for the words.


crystal M.
on 6/4/15 7:56 am - Joliet, IL

Talking about gyms...I joined a gym 2 months ago. It said "join for free".  So I did.  On 6/1 I get a $39.99 charge on my bank statement and I am wondering what the heck is up with that.  So I call....they said "oh that's your annual membership fees"  I said "annual membership fees?  I only joined 2 months ago" Well it turns out they charge you membership fees 45 days after you join.  I told her, then it's really not free to join then is it?  She didn't say anything.  And really I can't get mad at her she just works for them and answers phone calls.  No point in screaming at the poor girl. But this company is a sneaky *******!!!!

That is my big complaint for the day!!!

That and I am being charged for a full bridal hairdo.  Even though I have a simple style I want.  No up-do or French braids.  Just wanted a professional to do my hair because it always looks better when they do it.  When I have a style done with a hair's included for $40.  But because I happen to be getting married that day I am being charged $90!!!!  Geeze Louise!!!  But I am going to pay for it because I want to look nice and pamper myself. 



on 6/4/15 3:18 pm
RNY on 12/22/08 with

Everything "bridal" costs more. I bet you will look so fab on your day!

Deb T.

on 6/4/15 7:56 am

My biggest complaint is this (its a long one)--I have a "acquantance" that had RNY 4 months ago. She has lost 100 lbs and still needs a lot more loss to be even close to healthy. She frequently complains to me and asks for my advice. I am more than happy to help, thats not the problem. The problem I have is she asks for my advice, I give her the best I have and then I see in her MFP food diary that she is eating crap! Red Lobster breaded shrimp (4), whole baked potato (with butter and sc) AND CHEDDAR BAY BISCUIT for lunch! She finds every excuse NOT to exercise and tells me "Oh, I am eating so much better than I use to". I recommended that she talk to NUT and a therapist to get her on track. She hasnt, she knows more than either. I just want to scream "This is a tool, not a MIRACLE!!" I hate to see whats going to happen when the honeymoon period is over!  


on 6/4/15 3:29 pm

Oooh! I got an attorney like that at work. Asks "What would you do??" I tell her, and then she takes it as an opportunity to argue about it.  Look, I am on production, take it or leave it but dont waste my time arguing. Then she cries that I am "mean".

Some people...I tell you. They are soooo SMART.

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The Salty Hag
on 6/4/15 8:01 am
RNY on 05/20/13


I live in rural South Carolina. We have a lot of curvy, two lane back country roads. For whatever reason, a lot of people around here drive right in the middle of the effing road...not bothering to stay on their side of the road. One such asshole came very close to hitting me head on just about 45 minutes ago. Not only was he over the center line, he was driving like a bat out of hell. Thank goodness I was able to swerve out of the way in time. I so wanted to turn around and go after him, pull him out of his car and give him a throat punch, but I'm also aware most people around here carry their guns with I just kept on driving on MY side of the I always do.

This **** happens DAILY around here. We have a lot of head on collisions on two lane roads. Why? Because dumb ****s can't be bothered to follow the rules of the road. 

I'm almost to the point of not wanting to drive. This was the 3rd very close call for me in the past few weeks! In 2013, I was actually in an accident-on the same road- caused by someone driving over the center line. Luckily, he swerved enough to just scrape our drivers' sides together, and he took responsibility for the accident when the Highway Patrol arrived. Neither of us were hurt, and he was really upset when he realized my sons were with me. I fear next time I won't be as lucky. 

Thanks for letting me rant! 

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