Post op bad habit - why?!

Chris "Thick-to-Fit" T.
on 3/7/17 8:42 am - FL
VSG on 05/26/16

So ya'll... I cannot figure it out. Ever since being post op, like, IMMEDIATELY, I developed a bad habit. Its not terrible, it doesnt hurt me or cause weight gain or anything... If anything it could just be mildly embarrassing. No one ever tells me, I kind of just notice on my own.

Anyway, ever since being post op, I never remember to zip up my pants after I use the restroom! I honestly have NO IDEA why. At home, at work, at the mall, etc.. I'll be walking around and notice "oh damn, my flys down!" My jeans fit me enough that they dont just stay open down there, and I wear undies, but its just insane to me that I do it SO OFTEN.

Just thought I'd share, in case there are other men that had this weird habit form lol


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on 3/7/17 8:48 am
VSG on 08/29/16

Ok. I have to admit that I did this a month post op but only while wearing shorts. I quit wearing shorts only because it was the end of September. I really hope that the habit doesn't return when shorts season comes around.

CerealKiller Kat71
on 3/7/17 8:51 am
RNY on 12/31/13

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Chris "Thick-to-Fit" T.
on 3/7/17 8:55 am - FL
VSG on 05/26/16

haha awesome!


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on 3/7/17 9:59 am
VSG on 08/01/16

Ok, this is weird, but I'm doing it pretty often too! I've wondered myself why this is happening. The only things different for me post-op is that I'm going to the bathroom more often because of more liquid (so likely to happen more often) and when I go to button my pants I'm gauging how loose they are or checking out the bagginess, amazed at my changes, etc. so maybe that is distracting me from zipping.

What it boils down to is...Stop checking yourself out Chris and maybe you won't forget to zip your pants!! Hahaha

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White Dove
on 3/7/17 10:02 am

It happened to me too. It was not that I did not pull the zipper up, it was not making sure the little lock at the top of the zipper was engaged.

Seems like when I was wearing big loose-fitting jeans, I did it automatically, but had to get used to making sure the tight-fitting jeans were properly zipped or the zipper would creep down during the day.

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One Bad Beach
on 3/7/17 11:58 am
RNY on 11/28/16

I'm having a little issue with this, too! I've noticed it twice this week. Also, when I was a bigger, I would make sure that I tucked my pockets back in when I put my jeans on each morning. Today, go to the grocery store at noon, put my keys in my pocket, realize my pocket is not adjusted as I would have it normally. Don't know what's up with this, but I'm guessing that the pockets being "out" before made my hips or belly look wider than it actually was, and I was more self-conscious.

Don't know, but we all def. need to stop checking ourselves out in the bathroom so we can ensure that we get the zip zipped up!

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on 3/7/17 1:20 pm - OK
RNY on 05/16/16

I went shopping today at lunch...

I tried on a really cute pair of flip-flops... I had to take off my boots first, which have a zipper on the ankle... as I was walking through the store, I realized I forgot to zip up my boot...

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Kathy S.
on 3/7/17 1:32 pm - InTheBurbs, XX
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on 3/7/17 6:32 pm

The guys brought back a very old incident. At a gathering of extended family around 1980, a first cousin of my father's who I hadn't seen in some years exchanged a code that she and her son, about 10 and apparently forgetful, had devised. When he returned from the bathroom, she'd ask "X-Y-Z?, meaning "Check your zipper?" He'd reply, "A-B-C" -- "Already been checked."

It was a relief that it wasn't senility that kept me from zipping up the fly of one pair of pants. It would unzip on its own if I didn't give the pull a firm press. So many times I'd wander about before realizing.

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