HPylori and Low Iron Hypoxemia and Sleep Apnea OMG

on 9/19/19 9:29 am

So Many Hoops.. JUst got some bloor work back. Hylori positive- need further testing, Iron Level 26 ( very Low) Could make sense that I have low Oxygen levels...

ANy of you had anything like this.. In general, I just feel tired. I hope surgery will help to make me feel better.

Currently trying to get used to the CPAP Machine. Did not go so well. Could only tolerate the mask for a few minutes. I have the nose pillow ( called wisp)... I think it will come down to trying more masks.

This surgery is a LOT of work !

Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 9/19/19 11:04 am
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Lots of work, but well worth it!

What kind of iron supplements are you taking? Some people have luck raising their levels by switching vitamins. A lot of people here have had very good luck with Proferrin, it's a bit expensive but seems to work really well. Some doctors will also prescribe iron infusions depending on how your numbers work.

CPAP definitely takes work to get it used to! I tried the nose pillow and it didn't work for me, I ended up going with an over-the-nose model and it was better. Ask your doctor if they can give you a couple of different models and sizes to try.

My oxygen was really low when I had sleep apnea, but the good news is that using the CPAP brought those numbers way up.

Good luck!

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White Dove
on 9/19/19 12:50 pm

The H Pylori is just two weeks of pills to clear it up. About 50 percent of people in the world have it.

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on 9/20/19 7:54 am

Ah - this is where I saw you had the nasal plugs. I was looking on my phone earlier. I replied in your other post. Keep trying and call quickly for a new version. You might even want to go to their office, if possible to try the masks to find a style that generally works - then go deep and specific to see if it gets you through the night. You might even need to tape down the straps with surgical tape if you are pulling the mask off at night while you sleep. It takes time to adjust for some. Thankfully I only needed to do the tape thing once.

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