Barrett's esophagus and hernia's

on 12/14/19 7:59 am - VA

Anyone had hernia repair surgery or had to deal

with Barrett's?

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on 12/14/19 10:45 am

Yes. I had severe GERD prior to gastric bypass for many years. I even had a LINX device inserted in 2015 to help with the issues with my esophagus/LES, but it only helped for about 1 year. Then I had a Mini Gastric Bypass in early 2017 and my acid reflux was resolved such that I was finally able to go off PPIs and live life without heartburn; and these improvements were confirmed with an endoscopy. But then about 10 months later I developed symptoms again, including aspiration, and an endoscopy showed Barrett's Esophagus and bile reflux. My gastroenterologist didn't know what to do and even though he had documented a hernia years before, he never recommended surgery for it. I seeked out a second opinion with Dr Keshishian in Pasadena, CA and he ended up doing surgery on me in July 2018. Most of his practice is WLS, especially the DS and RNY to DS revisions, but he is also very skilled in complex abdominal surgeries. He repaired my hernia, removed the LINX device (which the FDA had recalled the one I had in 2017) and he performed a Nissen Fundoplication since there was enough "remnant" stomach to wrap around my esophagus. Note that Nissen surgery isn't possible for people who have VSG or DS surgery because their stomachs are permanently reduced in size. Since then, I feel so much better, do not take any medication, and an endoscopy shows I no longer have Barrett's or acid or bile reflux.

The moral of my story is to find a great surgeon that has experience with WLS, hernia repair, and Barrett's Esophagus. They're hard to find but it's worth it even if you have to travel out-of-state for the best care. Good luck.

on 12/14/19 12:12 pm - VA

Thank you for sharing your story with me. I have the same issues, waking up aspirating bile. It is super scary. I have a wedge under my mattress and currently take 80 mgs Prilosec (4 a day) and 40mg I think pepcid(2 at night). I just recently had an endoscopy and this time it was done by a civilian gastro and she said the hernia was significant and found the Barrett's and some kind of nodule. She took serval biopsies which should be back in a couple weeks. She did send a referral for a barium to be done, I also have a colonoscopy scheduled (anemic she wants to make sure no internal bleeding) and she recommended I see a WLS. Sadly I can't see my surgeon because he is in Hawaii and we currently live in Md but she did say there are some great ones here.

I was hoping to be able to get this straight and finally get some sleep. I'm afraid to sleep at night and keep waking myself up. My last episode was bad. The bile shot out of me and was all over my pillow my husband was freaking out. I can usually manage to talk but this time I could barely catch enough breath to get a few words out. It's just an awful feeling and hurts like hell.

Thanks again for sharing with me:)


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H.A.L.A B.
on 12/14/19 5:16 pm
H.A.L.A B.
on 12/14/19 8:06 pm

They need to find out if it is acid or bile from the liver.

Theoretically RNY should fix the GERD and as long as bypass is long enough, there shouldn't be any liver bile. Theoretically.

I had RNY and a few years ago I developed severe GERD. My gastro did bunch of testing and he was very surprised I already have Barrett's Esophagus. Not a lot, but at 5-10%.

I was already on omeprazole, and I was taking zantac and chewing calcium tums like crazy. I had to sleep in my recliner, because laying down, the pain, burning in my throat would waki me up very quickly, even if I was able to fall asleep.

I tried different PPI, but only dexilant (RX) 60 mg, 2 times a day helped relief the symptoms. Dexilant is very expensive, and most insurance companies do t want to pay for that. But considering I already have Barrett's - my gastro was able to get me approved for that. Without insurance it was $300-400 per month. For 30 x 60mg

After 2-3 months, I was able to lower the dose to 60 mg, once a day, plus zantac as needed. I am on dexilant for a few years now. Currently I am tampering it down, and trying to ween myself of them. During this year, 2019, I was able to get to 30mg dexilant, once a day. And I seldom need anything else. At the same time I eliminated - or limited drastically foods and drinks that can cause GERD.

We never discovered what triggered my severe GERD.

We, my doc and I, think my GERD is a reaction to histamine, either the one in food, or the one my body makes in response to some foods. That reaction is commonly known as food allergies. But instead of having and external reaction, like itching, hives, swelling, I get internal reaction - severe irritation of my esophagus, pouch, and small intestines.

Alcohol is one of the triggers. When I used to have little too much for me for 1-2 days in a row (i.e. weekend) the following week was often a torture... other foods I ha w to li it, eliminate are most grains, (bread, pasta, oatmeal, rice ), legumes (soy, beans, etc) and most cruciferous vegetables.

And I have a allergies to dairy.

Some stuff irritates me much more than others, and the so very unpleasant burning I get withing 30 min of eating or drinking something tells me I need to limit, or eliminate for good that from my diet.

Fixing hernia may help with that for you, but it may not completely,

When I list things that I should not eat, on a surface looks like there is nothing left. But there is so much more, meats, eggs, fish, some veggies and fats, like ghee, coconut, avocado, nuts and seeds, etc etc.

I love food, and I love love dairy (cheese, yogurt, whey proteins) and that was the hardest to stop eating. But the pain and discomfort when I eat that regularly is not worth the pleasure of eating it.

With ha ing to deal with such a severe herd as you describe, there is high possibility that aspiration of the acid - biles into your lungs can cause severe damage, seriously scar them.

I am wishing you best.

Btw- taking so much OTC PPI can be really bad, can you see if they can try the Rx Dexilant? That's the only thing that worked for me during the worsted, and even now.

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on 12/18/19 3:53 pm

I had a hernia repair and I had some significant issues with my esophagus but it wasn't barretts. I have issues with swallowing still and do have to sip when I eat or things will get stuck. horrible feeling.

on 12/28/19 2:43 am - Walled Lake, MI

I am 18 years post op and I have had 6 hernias! Happy Holidays