Healthcare Triage: Bariatric Surgery for Kids?

on 2/21/20 7:15 am
VSG on 06/11/18

on 2/21/20 10:26 am

Very interesting. I am not sure I would have understood everything (event at 16). A lot goes into it...

Citizen Kim
on 2/21/20 12:54 pm, edited 2/21/20 5:06 am - Castle Rock, CO

Double post

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Citizen Kim
on 2/21/20 12:57 pm - Castle Rock, CO

Children's Hospital in Denver do bariatric surgery on children.

They have a very comprehensive program that requires participation by the whole family and has several "courses" in nutrition/cooking, exercise as well as psychotherapy etc.

There is ongoing support.

I think it's a great idea if it's well set up.

Here's the hotlink to your YouTube video. What's your opinion? You'll get more participation if you have thoughts about what you post.

Proud Feminist, Atheist, LGBT friend, and Democratic Socialist

on 2/22/20 7:43 am
VSG on 06/11/18

Thank you for the tip. I don't have children, so I don't have any experience to base an opinion on. Just wanted to share the link with those who might be interested.

H.A.L.A B.
on 2/24/20 8:08 am

Kim, thanks for pointing out that any type of intervention in childhood obesity needs to be considered in a family setting. It's often really sad to see that a obese child get treated as an isolated unit that has a problem.

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on 2/24/20 3:37 pm

Oftentimes, food was strictly monitored in my home, growing up. I feel that had so much emphasis NOT been placed, I may not have held food/choices on such a high pedestal (negatively). I was forced to eat everything on my plate at every meal no matter what. A lot of passive-aggressiveness to the point that my step-parent would see a wrapper in the trash and it would be sitting at my door to "shame" me into "really thinking" about what I was eating... just made me hide it better.

I find that I am trying not to instill the upbringing from my own childhood onto my own children. We don't reward with food... candy is limited, but not restricted for the most part and we introduce healthier foods (what I eat/bariatric lifestyle) and our 2 children (under 5) are eating salads, chicken, edamame noodles, all types of fruit, etc. I still "let them be kids" and have fun in the kitchen, we just try our very best to educate on what we do in the kitchen and enjoy things in moderation.

Dangit, it's hard adulting and parenting!