Diabetes meds

on 3/6/20 12:22 pm - Walled Lake, MI

Has anyone taken injectable diabetes non insulin meds? I'm afraid to try!!!

White Dove
on 3/6/20 3:33 pm - Warren, OH

I have not and won't. They can cause a lot of things like kidney damage, plus they are very expensive. Even if insurance is paying, why risk your health. Let others be the Guinea pigs. The new medicines have too many risks.

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on 3/13/20 7:38 am

When I first saw the Doctor for my consult into the bariatric program she strongly suggested that I go on Ozempic or one of those type drugs, for my blood sugar and they added benefit of weight loss. I am seeing a steady improvement in blood sugars and am seeing weight loss with it. She said this may not be long term and just on it until after my surgery and seeing how my body adjusts to everything. They've been monitoring my levels.

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