Puree meals

on 8/28/20 6:49 pm
VSG on 08/17/20

2weeks on Monday since VSG and im allowed to start my puree meals. What was your favorite or first meal you had and why? I'm looking forward to scrambled eggs.

White Dove
on 8/30/20 10:09 am - Warren, OH

I found the thought of puireed meals disglusting, so just skipped that phase. It will be bad enough if I have to eat them someday in a nursing home. I used ricotta cheese, but did not puree it

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

Janet P.
on 8/31/20 3:00 am

I never ate pureed foods either - just very soft - soft scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt. For me, since I had the DS, it was anything with protein.

Remember one egg could take a while to eat - literally a bite and set your fork down ;)

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 8/31/20 5:03 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I pureed things like cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, egg & cheese omelet, and this baked spinach & feta cheese dish. I also remember eating hummus and fat free refried beans. Oh - and the ricotta bake that you'll find on the blog "The World According to Eggface". I pureed that as well (she's a long-time bariatric patient and on the board of the Obesity Action Coalition - she loves cooking and has a lot of recipes for the various stages - so check out her blog for more ideas...)

on 8/31/20 9:42 am
VSG on 08/17/20

Food isn't all that great. I had a scrambled egg that was ok, cottage cheese isn't sitting well. My stomach is in knots after eating. Not going to push eating something at supper time. I like my protein shakes, so thats what I will have.

on 8/31/20 10:32 am

I was in the same place you are... Food seemed totally unappetizing to me for a while. Eggs didn't sit well at first, I waited until later on to try them again but I did Greek yogurt, ricoota cheese bake, cottage cheese but everything was in smmmmmaaaalllll amounts and I stuck to my protein shakes for the most part. I was also able to still incorporate thicker soups so I lived off those too.