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I'm very disappointed I only lost 1 pound in 1 week. Shouldn't I be losing a lot more? I had VSG August 17 and lost 17 pounds in the first week. So why the slow progress now? Ugh!

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My surgery was August 17, I haven't had coffee but kind of crave it. I drink decaf with milk and Splenda so should i ask my doctor if its ok or because its caffeine free its fine? I don't want to rush anything if I'm not supposed to. I also have bottle

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2weeks on Monday since VSG and im allowed to start my puree meals. What was your favorite or first meal you had and why? I'm looking forward to scrambled eggs.

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I was so anxious for this day, just to see what little progress I've made. I've lost 17 pounds since surgery date which was exactly one week ago today. Glad to hear I can eat puree foods next week. My liquid diet is going just fine and I'm getting at l

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I know what I can take, but when do you know to take a laxative. I haven't had a bowel in 5 days and I'm not feeling constipated, but should i take a laxative to help me go? My doctor appointment is in 3 days so I can always ask then, but I didn't know

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How long did you wait until driving? I was told at least 2 weeks, just seeing if anyone drove sooner or later and was it uncomfortable to turn your body? On my way home from surgery I found the seat belt to be restrictive, I hope that doesn't last long

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Hello, I'm new to the forum. Tested negative for Covid and now I'm quarantined for surgery. I'm a little nervous since I won't have a support person at the hospital due to Covid. My dad is 79 and can't take any risks. I trust my surgeon and am looking

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eat more protein and vegetables. Doing great staying away from pop, so keep getting my water intake.
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