Sleeved 12/2019- acid reflux so bad I needed blood transfusions

on 5/21/21 6:27 pm

I'm looking for others who may have had a similar experience as I am experiencing right now.

I was sleeved 12/27/2019, HW 317, SW 279, CW 207

I had no acid reflux before surgery but have had horrific acid reflux every since. I've tried tons of medications and I'm now on 4 medications and still have reflux. I have grade 4 esophagitis now and the bleeding as been bad enough that I've been hospitalized twice in the past month for anemia due to blood loss and needed 3 transfusions over two hospital stays. I've had a colonoscopy, two endoscopies, a manometry test and a barium swallow in the past month.

I met with surgeon today and he wants to start me on Dexilant for 6-8 weeks in hopes it heals my esophagus enough to operate. Originally he had suggested a conversion to bypass, which I was okay with. Today he said he wants to do a hiatal hernia repair and place a Linx device around my esophagus. He said he doesn't think I would lose more weight with a bypass which is why he is suggesting this.

Has anyone has a Linx device placed?

I don't like the idea of having a foreign object placed in my body. And I worry about erosion.


on 5/24/21 6:37 am
RNY on 04/15/19

I am sorry to hear all that you are going through. I have never heard of the Linx device and had to look it up. I certainly understand being a little apprehensive about it. I hope you get some relief soon.

Melody P.
on 5/24/21 6:54 am - TX

I'm so sorry you're dealing with these issues.

Before I had my revision I was given the choice of a linx or the revision. I too didn't like the idea of it. I went with the revision after talking with two different bariatric surgeon and the doctor who would of put in the linx. He said that it can be successful but with my issues(severe GERD) it was better, in his opinion, to go with a revision to RNY.

I still have some issues with heartburn if I eat the wrong stuff but I'm not at all disappointed in my decision. I hope that you figure out what is the best path for you. Good luck,

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on 5/24/21 11:37 am

No I did not have that problem... it sounds horrid. what an Ordeal!.. and now with the current world health crisis the blood supply is not only recently the Red cross has blocked donations of blood contaminated with replicating spike protein. I would seek blood donations from others who know personally have not received current experimental injections.

from what you have said i would get the hernia repaired and RNY this point the problem or solution is not for weight loss but for health maintenance.

.My reasoning: what ever device they install would need to be adjusted or replaced eventually..

also elevate the head of your bed a minmum of 6-inches.up to 45 degress and make sure your gut is not blocked with slumping.

on 5/24/21 11:41 am

ADDUM, you can also massage the normal movement of food and fluids down thru intestinal passage. the ppi's destroy normal gut flora, if tolerated you should add yugurt and cottage cheese, sour cream. replace flora and restore . My acid ducts were cut to pouch/stomach..don't remember what the procedure was called but it can be done with hernia repair and RNY.

on 5/26/21 2:47 pm
RNY on 11/21/14

Well you've done a great job misunderstanding the science of vaccines. Probably getting your information from Facebook is not a good idea.

While it is true to say that the COVID vaccines prompt cells in the body to create the spike protein that surrounds COVID-19, it is not true to say that this is a process that happens repeatedly and cannot be undone. The mRNA instructs cells to make the protein and is broken down by the body shortly thereafter. Pfizer (who you say you trust) stated that this approach trains the immune system to recognize and respond appropriately should it encounter the virus in the future. You know, immunity.

It is downright irresponsible to spread false information that the blood supply in this country is unsafe based on false information. If you don't want to get vaccinated that is your choice, but don't spread dangerous information to justify your choice.

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on 5/26/21 3:04 am
RNY on 02/14/18

The information that the Red Cross is won't accept blood donations of people who have been vaccinated is not correct, at least not for the ARC. There may be up to a two week deferral period (which happens with some other vaccines, as well), but you can be vaccinated and donate blood at least today. Given there is almost always a shortage of blood donations, it's very important to not spread misinformation.

on 5/26/21 9:16 am

WELL, GIVEN.:this serum can not be undone and reprograms the body to manufacture spike protein,(according to pfizer). I choose to believe them.

I would rather delay health care than get something that is still in HUMAN Trials according to FDA. this is an EMERGENCY USE Injection and Antivirals exist in the NATURAL world- if not we would all be dead already .

on 5/26/21 1:45 pm
RNY on 07/20/15

Well COVID has killed over 3 million people and the vaccine hasn't killed anyone, so I know where I like my odds...but you do you.

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Citizen Kim
on 5/25/21 5:44 am - Castle Rock, CO

Get the revision. This is not something you want to trifle with as the long term consequences are horrible

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