Was anybody at my weight that has had Success with weight loss surgery?

on 10/5/21 12:55 pm

weigh over 700lbs I just wanted to know if there Was anybody at my weight that has had Success with weight loss surgery?

on 10/7/21 6:02 am

Over the years, I have come to know of several individuals who used to post on the boards that have weighed close to your weight or the same. They had to lose weight before the actual surgery and did well as post ops.

on 10/7/21 10:35 am - Putnam, CT
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Have you ever watched the show My 600lb life? There are numerous people from that show that ended up being pretty successful. Yes it was a struggle and some of them worked really, really hard at it, but they did it. There are others who started off well, but didn't stick to the plan that Dr. Now gave them and unfortunately didn't have success.

It really comes down to how badly you want to be healthy and if you are willing to follow the plan that is given to you after you have your surgery.

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White Dove
on 10/7/21 11:54 am - Warren, OH

Weight loss surgery gives you a tool to make weight loss easier. The real change, though, must be in your thinking. You need to change your mindset and habits to keep the weight off.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

White Dove
on 10/7/21 11:56 am - Warren, OH

Learn about Dr. Now's method of treatment and the services he offers by visiting his website and call his office to ask about becoming a patient.

In addition, you can fill in the patient information form on the website and provide information about your health status and insurance plan.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 10/12/21 12:12 pm

Thank you so much for responding to my question I just order his book

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on 10/12/21 7:03 am, edited 10/15/21 8:25 pm
RNY on 01/01/14

There?s a guy on here ... he doesn?t post a lot but i believe he came from a big weight. And he?s smart and loved and kool n th gang and does something internet based . Smart as hell .

and the most amazing thing is... he?s here he?s loved and appreciated and we?re all cool .
we have way more in common than we don?t . There?s no size shaming here .

At all ... I know it?s hard to believe but you?re actually truly loved and appreciated for the person you actually are . It?s a love thing !

Call it hippie dippy ( which several boyfriends ( and political opponents) have called me and like EVERYONE on this website ) but I?m not ashamed of being an optimist and ... it feels WONDERFUL to really feel loved , appreciated and accepted.

If he?ll talk with U ... he?s got much more experience than I do ... I think he?ll reach out ....

And I?ll always b here for U ... and You?ll never trust m and it?s okay .

I ended up being a skinny ***** ( maybe a dying ***** ) ..... I mean REALLY?!!! Now I just have to work for health and youth and even EATING I guess...

on 10/18/21 9:45 am


I just want to say it's not where you start, it's f you are happy with where you finish... this is true in life and weight loss. I had wls surgery 24 years ago. it has changed much since my early procedure. WLS gives you ONLY one tool in your entire toolbox.It s an important tool because it enables super defectiveness of the whole toolbox for an extended time.

Many of your tools will come in other ways... ie..tips to reduce your over all calorie/intake and boost your calorie use., I is a known fact when we use less than we consume our body stores fat...This is no surprise to you... there are methods to boost your metabolism and you must find something you WILLdo consistently to begin your journey...

I began with increasing activity for 10 minutes n early morning, same just after lunch and isometric exercises in bed at night.....I started at just under 300#. I lost i40# before surgery over 6 months... i had lost this much several times but with metabolism issues documented thru a study-as genetic-t was extremely difficult to maintain, with each regain i gained more than i lost over a few months. WLS helped me with the yo yo. I tolerated little increase in activity because of huge blood sugar drops wth exercise... I learned to boost my protein and a small amt of carbs..15 grams immediately. before exercise of my sugars would drop to 20-35. learning to measure food, and drinks- using pure /filtered water,doing a kidney and liver cleanse to enable fat to be removed from your body,if your kidneys and livers are jammed, they can not properly perform...Milk thistle is considered safe to use daily by specialists.

Iff you have not done it yet you need a complete metabolic panel done by a lab. If you are going to take the current injections being pushed forget it all - eat drink and b merry.the side effects are worse than the thing that it does not prevent.Pictures reveal the blood is altered and can not carry sufficient oxygen post injectons of this nefarious substance..

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on 10/18/21 4:15 pm, edited 10/18/21 9:15 am
RNY on 01/01/14

There are many people ( including me) whose blood sugar drops from exercise.

Especially at the beginning it?s scary because you?re totally worn out and exhausted afterwards .... but the body compensates and in a few days things change .

it is very hard to make exercise your first priority. I always got jealous of the multitudes that didn?t HAVE to ..I hated being super tired after a hard workout and the whole having to change and shower thing and THEN get on with your working day .... ugh . But it helped .

on 10/18/21 2:45 pm

You don't say which surgery you are considering. If you're like me (a foodie), may I suggest contacting Pacific Laproscopy in San Francisco. I don't know if they still do the bileo-pancreatic diversion with a duodenal switch and a sleeve gastrectomy, but it has proved for myself, and a friend of mine, to be a fantastic surgery. I weighed 325 when I had mine in 2004. I stay between 150 and 164 pounds to this day. My friend weighed 405 when she had hers in 2007 and she stays between 164 and 175 pounds. We can't eat as much as we did when we were obese (our stomachs don't hold it) but we enjoy a wide variety of foods and don't specifically diet per se. Now, there is a lot of malabsorption and you must keep up with your vitamins religiously, however it's my understanding that most people with this surgery enjoy the same kind of long-term weight loss. I've known a multitude of people who have had the regular gastric bypass, who have eaten themselves out of the surgery, gaining most or all of their weight back. It's disheartening. I know there's some newer surgeries that I don't know much about, but I encourage you to make sure you do diligent research to see which would be best for you.

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