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Stacy E.
on 12/9/18 7:57 pm
Topic: RE: Surgery Reversed

Then what parts are reversible?

Beam me up Scottie
on 12/9/18 7:45 pm
DS on 02/17/06 with
Topic: RE: Surgery Reversed
Parts of it are reversible. If you have a portion of your stomach removed, you cannot undo that portion of the surgery.

Stacy E.
on 12/9/18 7:31 pm
on 12/9/18 7:11 pm
RNY on 06/03/15
Topic: RE: Surgery Reversed

yes, but it's usually only done if the person has serious medical issues.

RNY 06/03/15 by Michael Garren (Madison, WI)

Plastic Surgery 08/10/18 and 12/07/18 by Lawrence Zachary (Chicago, IL)

Marie M.
on 12/9/18 6:21 pm - PA
VSG on 09/13/11 with
Topic: RE: Lyrica and Restless Leg Syndrome

I have taken Klonipin for years for my restless leg syndrome. Works well for me. I take 1 mg every night before bed

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Stacy E.
on 12/9/18 5:57 pm
Topic: Surgery Reversed

Is gastric bypass reversable in anyway?

on 12/9/18 3:42 pm, edited 12/9/18 7:42 am - Garland, TX
Topic: RE: "Fat Girl Fed Up"'s Incredible Journey

Interesting, and thanks for adding that info., Gwen. I had wondered how she could lose that much weight and didn't appear to have a loose skin issue!

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Citizen (USA & Brit) Kim
on 12/9/18 2:06 pm - Castle Rock, CO
Topic: RE: My RNY back in 1999

I have been preaching the following here for years "noone is, or should be, as invested in your health than you". I don't think physicians want to do harm, but having worked in healthcare as a midwife with her own practice for many years, I have seen way too much to leave my healthcare solely in the hands of ANY professional.

It has taken me 3 years to get my PCP where I want him. He's awesome, but wasn't used to someone who knew as much about living with this surgery as me. He's honestly the best PCP I've had since hsving this surgery - he's up to date on post surgery protocols and I have a very collaborative relationship with him now - although I still think I intimidate him, just a little lol.

I'm proud to be his "most successful and healthy RNYer"!

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on 12/9/18 12:42 pm
RNY on 05/03/18
Topic: RE: "Fat Girl Fed Up"'s Incredible Journey

To be honest, this kind of thing makes me feel uneasy. Before I got the surgery, I would look at her story and think "Well, look at that, she's my age and weighed twice as much as I do. If she can loose that much so can I! I'm going to make a New Year's Resolution like that too." Then I would make the resolution, be good for a couple days, fall of the wagon, and stay on the loose weight/gain weight merry go round.

I kind of feel like these stories make deciding to get surgery even more stigmatized. I hope everything does work out for her, and that she does keep the weight off, but the message she's sending may be doing more harm than good...

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on 12/9/18 12:19 pm
RNY on 02/14/18
Topic: RE: Holiday Music - love, hate, recommendations?

Oh, I will do that when I get home, I bet it's amazing!

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