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on 9/16/19 11:19 pm
Topic: RE: ObesityHelp 2014 National Conference 2 Tkts Available $50 Each

Who you contact ? Please give me info I want to transfer mines for next year?

on 9/16/19 5:34 pm
Topic: RE: Long term post ops what are you struggling with?

It's wonderful that you're there for your Mom and getting your own place near her means you're also there for YOU !

Something many caregivers never prioritize so congratulations !

I would first off try making exercise my daily first priority .

Roll out of bed put on cute new exercise togs and supportive ( expensive but worth it ) sneaks ... have a coffee or espresso ( you'll burn twice the calories ) n hit the road boppin to Ur free Pandora custom radio station, musical downloads n Ur cordless headphones .

Go only as far as you enjoy ... if that's two blocks that's fine . If it's raining or sleeting obviously don't go otherwise ... make the two blocks and give yourself permission to go home while enjoying the music the fresh air the beauty and the great feeling of using your body ... then ask yourself .. can I enjoy more ? Can I do two more blocks and enjoy myself ? If yes then do it .

Finding a workout buddy to talk with also can really help but it's not necessary - what is necessary is a positive experience every day . Never push yourself if it hurts or if you're not having fun . ((())) your body will thank you with better health faster metabolism and sexier, younger looks :)

on 9/16/19 5:04 pm
Topic: RE: Finally Fast Food For Me!

I agree w U Willie ... I've never spied a real grill at a fast food place ... only fryers n salamanders ( toasters ) for the bread ... hmmm

that said once in a while I'll indulge in Arby's 1.49 sliders ... with 25 cent AU jus dipping liquid . Super filling Nd relatively better for you ( of course Arby's r hard 2 find but worth it ) .

They used to have a free lettuce/ tomato / onion / pimiento topping bar too bad they discontinued it it was a big draw . I think a few remain active in truck stops lol.

on 9/16/19 4:57 pm
Topic: RE: Finally Fast Food For Me!

I tried these Fremont Fish Market Shrimp Power Bites from Aldis . 12 bites to a package - they boast they're loaded w superfoods - shrimp edamame spinach broccoli lime scallions cilantro n Siracha . Supposedly 2 servings per box only 2 grams fat per six bites 10 G protein 9 grams carbs .

Not too terrible tasting - 2 or 3 are plenty for a meal 4 me

White Dove
on 9/16/19 3:49 pm
Topic: RE: IVF, Twins, and no sleep - where do I start?

My brother is 64 and has eight year old twins. His wife is 20 years younger than him. He will be close to 80 years old when those girls graduate from college, and probably in his 80's when they get married and have children.

They used IVF and did not really think it was going to work. At 36, it was considered a high risk pregnancy for his wife.

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on 9/16/19 3:37 pm
VSG on 02/13/19
Topic: RE: Finally Fast Food For Me!

Haven't tried the Tim Hortons ones but they sound alot like this frozen brand of egg bites they sell at Costco.



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on 9/16/19 1:31 pm
Topic: RE: Finally Seeing a Surgeon and dont know what say

If the medication is not covered by your insurance, then the would never cover them. My gastro has to talk to the insurance company and convinced them I really need that. The cost of that specific antibiotic (Xifaxafan) is really very expensive.

They can use another antibiotics, but the other one can have a serious neurological side effects and most docs don't like to prescribe them.

The very first time I got prescribed that special SIBO antibiotic, I had to pay cash for it. I found that antibiotics in some other on line pharmacy, but it was still very expensive. Talk to your doctor, maybe he can fight for you with the insurance company, or maybe he can suggest a different one.

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on 9/16/19 1:22 pm
Topic: RE: Mild Sleep apnea and Hypoxemia
On September 12, 2019 at 9:43 PM Pacific Time, ScaleSkater wrote:

That's why you'll need to make sure you click with the home health person assisting you. Mine was great as she let me try a full face mask and nasal plugs (I sort of insisted, as she knew I'd hate those). I landed on the nasal gel bubble mask vs. those or gel masks. I had very few leaks and found it very comfortable. Everyone is different - literally (face structure), not just preference. So make sure they assess your face and recommend a few types to try. They should be very willing to work with you to get you perfectly fitted.

I do hope I can get off the machine one day, but I'd say that is only 20% likely given my current data and my being only about 5 pounds over optimal weight (I could declare goal, as I'm well below targets that all my doctors have set). They are hoping that last 5 will do it.

Thank you for al the info. I am getting my machine tomorrow. I really hope this works since I am tired of being tired and not feeling well. My family thinks its an issue of the fact that I might feel so lousy that I don't know how I feel and that when I start to feel better, I will realize how lousy I felt. I am not sure if this is true but is it possible to forget what it feels like to feel good?

Fingers crossed !!

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on 9/16/19 12:07 pm
RNY on 08/05/19
Topic: RE: Finally Seeing a Surgeon and dont know what say

If insurance is not covering the medication, have you looked at There are often discount codes you can use to help bring the cost of meds down if it's not covered by insurance.

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Willie H.
on 9/16/19 11:55 am
Topic: RE: Finally Fast Food For Me!

Good point - the rib meat. I've notice that also. And they cook probably even the so-called "grilled" in the same oil. Moral of story: Stay away from fast and packaged foods! Prepare beforehand at home.

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