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Cinthya B
on 10/27/21 8:56 pm - Houston, TX
Topic: RE: Do you own a food scale?
On October 24, 2021 at 11:53 PM Pacific Time, Want2beMe wrote:

Do you use it often? I bought a food scale, but im not sure when to use it. Should I return it or just get into the habit of using it? Am I meant to use it for portion control? Do I use it to control my vegetable intake? I bought it to weigh out my food, but I don't know if I weigh it after I cook it or before. It's a cool gadget, but I don't know what I'm doing.

I do own a food scale and I love it! I would try and get in the habit.. I like knowing how much I put in my body. I use an app to track my macros and it has absolutely helped keep me in check. I even take it on vacations. I was taught to weigh your portions before cooking. Foods shrink a bit, but not too much.

2005 HW: 280# // SW: 268# // GW: 140# (maintained for years)

2021 15yrs Post-op: 236# // Current: 185# // Goal: 130#

Cinthya B
on 10/27/21 8:33 pm - Houston, TX
Topic: RE: Experience with Lexapro?

I took Lexapro awhile ago.. about 15 yrs ago. I stayed on it for about 5 yrs. I felt loopy on and off, but it did seem to plateau and had to be given something else. After a month, let your doctor know and maybe they can up or down the dosage a bit :)

2005 HW: 280# // SW: 268# // GW: 140# (maintained for years)

2021 15yrs Post-op: 236# // Current: 185# // Goal: 130#

on 10/27/21 5:53 am, edited 10/27/21 12:27 am
RNY on 01/01/14
Topic: RE: Moderation VS. Strict Diet

I don?t diet EVER.

But I choose to eat a really lowfat and mostly sugar free regime ... pretty much every dairy and egg food and even salad dressings and mayonnaise are fat free ...

Even if I really crave candy I?ll take a tiny nibble but no more ( I do dump and will never forget the feeling) .

Sugar wise lowfat ice cream is my occasional downfall... mostly because my parents too eat and offer it after dinner watching tv.

I try not to eat ? real ? cheese ( fat free types are fine and I eat them every single day ) ... ? real ? ice cream or gelato ( again skinny cow ice cream sandwiches and outback pops are fine in small amounts )

there are sugar free ice pops also available.... I like the alcoholic ones of course... margarita, manhattans, cosmopolitans ... all sugar free slightly buzzy and adult fun About 75 sugar free calories each too .

... basically you gotta read the labels .

Pretty much you can buy anything in a fat free version ( except maybe greasy snack foods .. but homemade kettle popped popcorn with freeze dried fat free butter is a pretty satisfying salty alternative ) . I often mix a bunch of it ( like a huge pot ) with a lite microwaveable package of popcorn .. tastes great .Keeps me full ( stuffed and snacking mindlessly ) all nite .

Once in a while I need that ... just relaxing stuffing my face .

But I Don't need to wear the evidence... therefore choosing the lowfat options.

These are your choices... limit very strictly the nuts and fats ... and you can eat whatever whenever... especially if you try to move every day too .

Personally I love tasting and experimenting with cooking international foods ..

I enjoy my daily glass or two of red wine.

And I REALLY like waking up in the morning looking skinny and hot and feeling healthy.

on 10/26/21 9:30 pm
Topic: RE: Moderation VS. Strict Diet

I can eat an elephant made of sugar every day and not gain weight. As White Dove mentioned, just cause you can does not mean you should.

I try to be responsible with the basic nutrition but still eat way too much fat and sugar every single day. Consequences for me include trips to the bathroom, gas and bloating if I over indulge too much. To my credit, I do follow the vitamin regime and get steady exercise. To my discredit, I still have many bad habits from the past.

White Dove
on 10/26/21 6:16 pm - Warren, OH
Topic: RE: Moderation VS. Strict Diet

Because I can eat anything I want does not mean that I should eat anything I want. I was very strict the first three years after surgery. No bread, wheat products, sugar, corn, cereals, pastas, noodles, potatoes, or any form of sugar. I believe that foundation has helped me to be successful for the next 11 years. My belief is to be as strict as possible until you lose all of the excess weight as well as ten, twenty, or even thirty additional pounds to allow for bounceback regain.

The first years after surgery are a once in a lifetime opportunity. After that it is hard to lose weight again. Hunger comes back and the ability to be full on a few bites goes away. Take advantage of this magic period. It is truly a one time opportunity.

Real life begins where your comfort zone ends

on 10/26/21 5:56 pm
RNY on 02/14/18
Topic: RE: Moderation VS. Strict Diet

I'm not sure there's a difference.

Moderation and portion control is one method of diet and I try to be strict on those things (varying degrees of success!) and also that I meet the daily protein and fluid requirements I need (much better success).

Early on, someone here shared that they can eat anything they want, they just have to be prepared for the consequences. I like that mind set. I am not always successful at that either but when I ask myself that, I'm at least being purposeful.

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on 10/26/21 5:22 pm
Topic: Moderation VS. Strict Diet

How many of you eat what you want just with moderation and portion control?

And then how many of you are on a strict diet?

on 10/26/21 5:09 pm
RNY on 01/01/14
Topic: You know what ? I?m REALLY tired of having the ? last word ? on here

I understand there are a bunch of former posters circulating.

Please understand that you are absolutely loved and valued ... please talk .. your experience benefits all of us .

on 10/26/21 2:24 pm
RNY on 01/01/14
Topic: RE: I weigh over 700 lbs what advice you give me statred my weight loss jounery

Be skinny like The Rolling Stones dude ?!!! You just always totally make me laugh !!!!

Yep ... I'm kind of half in luv w ya ... you have a Great sense of humor and personality ( and obviously you're super smart)

on 10/26/21 2:13 pm
RNY on 01/01/14
Topic: RE: how can i stay positive through my weight loss surgery journey

For me exercise works .

I try to get out ( wherever onto the deck ... onto a beach or a road ) and just keep going ( to great music ... really helps and inspires ) as long as I can.

Yes you're exhausted afterwards... but your body recovers many times stronger.

And it feels SO Great to take a well deserved bath put on clean pajamas ... eat a nice meal totally guilt free . And when you look at your body the next day in the mirror... wow !