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on 7/13/20 12:39 pm
Topic: RE: Post-Op Question - cooking for family?

I am one week out from having a conversion sleeve to bypass. I cooked dinner tonight for my son because I wanted him to have a well balanced meal. It was a little bit difficult. So, he ate his meal and I ate a jello.


on 7/12/20 9:22 am
VSG on 06/10/14 with
Topic: RE: Taking Ownership

Thank you for sharing. I am experiencing regain as well and I am completely distraught. I havent been on this site for months but I am going to begin using it again as a resource. I have regained 50lbs and I am humiliated and terrified of complete relapse.

on 7/12/20 9:19 am
VSG on 06/10/14 with
Topic: RE: Revision from Gastric Sleeve to SADI-S in Dominican Republic

Hi Jeci,

I was sleeved 6/10/14 and I am considering revision as well due to regain. Let me know how things go with you. I wish you well.

on 7/11/20 7:34 am - FL
Topic: RE: Taking Ownership

You are so right your mind is powerful and will play tricks on you. However feeling good on day 6 today. Thank you for checking in the support is greatly appreciated.

on 7/11/20 7:30 am - FL
Topic: RE: Taking Ownership

You are correct everyone is different. I am watching my calories and my carbs. This worked for me last year when I lost 57 of the 73lb regain. Of course adding water intake and exercise.

on 7/11/20 7:25 am - FL
Topic: RE: Taking Ownership

Thank you so much!

Cathy H.
on 7/10/20 11:20 pm
VSG on 10/31/16
Topic: RE: Taking Ownership

Ava, it's nice that super low fat works for you, as you say often, but that doesn't mean it works for everyone. I am ketogenic...meaning HIGH FAT, medium protein, very low carb...and have been for 3 years, and it works great for me. Everyone's body is different, and I was never as successful with losing weight or maintaining weight loss when I was low fat/high carb, but I sure am successful with keto.

5'3", CW: 165 Ultimate Goal: 150 ............. Livin' La KETO Loca!!
134 lbs lost since surgery, 195 overall!! Initial goal reached 9/15/17, (10.5 months)!
SW*: 299 GW: 175 HW 3/2015: 360 PSW* 5/2016: 330 *PSW=Prog Start Wt; SW=Surgery Wt

M1 -31, M2 -10, M3 -15, M4 -16, M5 -8, M6 -6, M7 -11, M8 -8, M9 -8, M10 -4, M10.5 -7 GOAL

on 7/10/20 10:26 am, edited 7/10/20 3:29 am
Topic: RE: New and have questions. DS or VSG??

Every aspect of your life needs changing... at least that's how it was for me. My eating habits, the quantity of what I eat as well as the quality of what I consume. I also didnt exercise or focus on my mental health before I had surgery. One surgery is not "easier"... what allows you to become healthy is how you educate yourself now for long term success. I have only experienced dumping once in my 12 years of having RNY and I know exactly why... because I didn't look at the nutrition label before consuming or measure out a serving portion. That's a mistake that hasn't occured since.

I also attend monthly support groups and try to move at least 10k+ steps a day

Those are what I have done to do well in my journey... if nothing changes... nothing changes. You can't expect to eat the same things and lose weight so set yourself up for success. You can do this! You have the make the appropriate changes in your lifestyle and commit to a life long journey.

on 7/9/20 6:15 pm
Topic: RE: Taking Ownership


If overcoming MO was easy- there would not be any... No one would be overweight.. Everyone would be their ideal size.

I am glad you have a partner, it does make it easier..I I have fought this battle for a long time, If someone is 300 lbs and their blood sugar drops- they still must eat to get it up... there is no other fix...My highest weight was 292.5, i am currently in the sweet spot within 10 lbs of my orig. goal..of 160... have been there recently but had an spent much of 3 months on a heating pad.... For many years ,i had my Mom..( went to her reward 5 years ago)..she had the same surgery i had 6months was strange how we had the same surgery, yet had different intolerances. we were our own support system ..She was adamant-the surgery extended her life by many years... she lost from 314 to 145., much of it was in the first 18 months.. She had to get off of night shift to break her stress level enough she could loose the rest..

Just be aware to also do stress reduction things... on a routine basis, especially since your work routine has changed. I have found Essential oils very helpful,run in a diffuser... lavender oil esp... and if i get poison ivy it works for that too.!

I need to be able to see the correlation of my blood sugars over several days... in addition to a day to day..that is one reason why i recommend ... a paper and ink pen... I helps me make the evaluations at a glance..

This is how i have narrowed down to intolerances, ie..the amount of carbs I tolerate without blood sugar issues....keeping a tight diet journal.. side by side with the fluids, and any new foods introduced..I have found i can not eat nuts/ most legumes/ milk products/soy/whey-or-any part of it .....I love summer squash and zucchini...they do not like me..,The elimination diet with a tight diary is how found what caused my problem as many as 3 days later. . Just my take..

Another tip is to be sure and get heavy protein in morning.

I try for 1/3-1/2 total protein breakfast.( 5 servings if i can get it in..)It stops me from getting cravings.... 2 servings for a snack w/no more than 1 serv. carb. 1/3 total protein lunch(usually it is late,.around 1:30. and another 2-4 for supper/ w very light carbs.. or carb sometimes save for the last minute supplements i take.. I take no prescription meds. all my supplements are OTC.

You can do this... hang in there!

on 7/9/20 3:28 pm
Topic: RE: Blood Work Precautions

I need to make my appointment for my labs... thanks for this reminder

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