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Hi all,
My PTH is 80 and my pcp (not knowing anything about DS of course) said it's most likely high because I'm low in Vit-D (it's at 27). Is it definitely because I'm not getting enough calcium? Or could it actually be the low Vit-D? Also, I'm low in iron (getting infusions), just found out I have hypothyroid, and I'm low in folate, zinc & copper too. My calcium is okay...
So my question is, could my higher PTH be caused by something else? Or is it for sure because my body is leeching calcium from my bones? Could it be a combo of everything since my body is so outta whack right now?!

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PTH goes high when D3 and calcium are low. If your calcium is "normal" on your labs and your D3 is that low, yeah, you're probably leaching calcium from your bones and now it's floating around in your blood stream...not what you want.  Add some vitamin K2 to your D3 to help your body absorb it better.


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White Dove
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I had high PTH caused by too many calcium supplements.  When I quit taking calcium my PTH returned to normal

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Your calcium level will be normal even if you aren't taking, or aren't absorbing enough calcium because your heart needs a normal calcium level. So if you need more calclium in your blood, your body compensates by removing it from your bones, and it does this by raising PTH.

could be either not enough calcium supplements, or not enough Vitamin D, or a combination of both. I struggled with this for awhile also, and only improved when I increased both calcium citrate and dry D supplementation.


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Amy, I followed Gina's advice and it brought down my PTH to normal within 3 months.

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