Strange Symptoms 9 Years Out... Obstruction?

on 7/20/18 12:14 pm - CA

I'm having strange symptoms I've never had before... wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I'm concerned about a partial bowel obstruction or other issue.

I'm bloated and don't feel as if I'm fully eliminating food. In my 9 years post-op, I've never been constipated. My poop is normally in the soft to liquid range and I often treat with Pepto Bismol.

It's soft now. I don't have the symptoms of an obstruction I see online. I'm passing gas. I don't have abdominal pain only discomfort. I'm not vomiting or nauseous. I took Dulcolax 1.5 hours ago hoping to clear myself out.

This happened once before about a month ago. I drank a lot of fluid and the issue passed via dumping syndrome. Strange thing though, in the two hours between drinking and dumping I didn't pee as I normally would.



Beam me up Scottie
on 7/21/18 10:37 am
You should contact a doctor if you have concerns.

However, I have noticed every so often, I don't feel like I fully eliminate and get bloated. I generally try to eat more protein and salads...and then take magnesium oxide.
on 7/21/18 2:51 pm - CA

Thanks! I've got good news.

I ended up at the ER, they checked me out, oral and IV contrast w/ a CT scan and I'm ok. Appears to have been a bacterial overgrowth, gas and maybe some constipation.

on 7/24/18 8:15 am - Parma, OH
DS on 04/15/13

Good deal. Sometimes when our bodies leave the usual "standard" it can be scary but can also be nothing too bad. Good lesson to remember. Thanks for sharing.

Did they prescribe anything for the overgrowth? I think a lot of people would recommend a course of lagyl and then good probiotics to rebuild your gut flora.


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