Exercise anxiety - how do I get back?

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So, I have always had exercise as part of my life - even times when I was at my highest weight.  In 2007 I started triathlon training and completed 2 sprint and 2 mini-sprint triathlons in the summer of 2008.  That fall I started being troubled with some injuries, shin splints, plantar faciitis and my workouts slowed down to a trickle. Over the following year and a half I developed a mild case of exercise anxiety - I was gaining weight and my body was letting me down, I couldn't keep up with my bootcamp class anymore and left class several times in tears. I have had 3 years in a row of surgeries in February (2009-gall bladder, 2010 planter fasciotomy & 2011-VSG). I have some discomfort when exercising (knee, other foot) but not enough to keep me from exercising. I still have an irrational fear to exercising and do no trust my body to perform.

I am now in the middle of a weight loss plateau and this has got to be where the rubber meets the road! I need my workouts, I also need to enjoy my workouts but fear of my body not being able keep up or even endure the most moderate of workouts is paralyzing me! Working out used to help me feel so much stronger, but I am afraid to try - I can't even really define exactly what I am scared of - but I am scared! I have tried to take some simple classes like Zumba but I flake out and attend only when I can get up enough courage and there is no enjoyment there. Maybe if I get some personal training until I have a little more confidence in my body's ability to exercise?  I don't know...

Anyone else ever experienced this? Have any suggestions on how to proceed?

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best thing to do is start out slowly and build up your confidence.  most of us here (even those of us with extensive athletic backgrounds) started out simply walking and built from there.  let us know where we can help.
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maybe start with walking with a buddy?  walking is pretty easy on a body, and often having the accountability of a partner keeps people going.

Maybe a work friend at lunch, or a neighbor?
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Walking, beginning (low impact) aerobics, bike riding, swimming...With all of these you are just competing with (against) yourself.  I remember going into a beginning aerobics class and not knowing the moves.  It was a great teacher...He said just march in place!!  Pick up the moves when you can...No pressure.  Then you can move up to a Zumba class or intermediate aerobics.  Brian
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I have had arthritis since age 17 and have been told by many doctors that I couldn't and shouldn't do a lot of exercises that I wanted to do including lifting weights.  I've now started working with a personal trainer at 24 hour Fitness who has taught me how to do so many exercises without hurting my joints.  He started working with me on balance, flexibility and core strength and will expand as I improve.  I'm doing squats and so much else that I never thought I could do.  Once you see a little improvement you will find some much needed motivation!  A good personal trainer is worth their weight in gold!
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