Fluer de lis covered by insurance

on 7/6/21 2:52 pm
REALIZE Band on 10/13/10 with

My highest weight was 300 from lap band in 2010 and after 2 babies and weight gain and loss I'm 169 and 5'6. My BMI is almost normal, but I have lots of skin on my abdomen, inner thighs, arms, and sagging breasts. I'm seeing Dr Boukovalas at UT he's a reconstructive surgeon. I have all the paperwork from pcp for a panniculectomy. I go into his office on Friday and aside from being gorgeous is so sweet tells me we're going to submit your fluer de lis panni with thighs and then after that your arms and breasts reconstruction. He took tons of pics and said I would be covered for the yummy for sure. Can surgeons convince insurance to cover reconstruction of multiple body parts. I have regular blue cross blue shield and blue care on the side!

on 7/15/21 7:18 am

What is blue cross blue shield?

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