Going to the gym before starting the cycle

on 6/17/13 10:45 pm - New York, NY

I have not been on for a couple of weeks now.  But I started back at the gym yesterday, and I am feeling so exhausted and tired.  I think I just shocked my body.  I wanted to get back into the gym cycle so that I can be ahead of the game.  My first appointment to see the bariatric doctor isn't until next Wednesday.  I wanted to see, if I started exercising way before the surgery maybe I will be able to start loosing some the skin I have on my body.  I know it won't be a lot that I will loose but it will be more than me waiting until after the surgery to think about how I am going to start loosing the skin.

on 6/19/13 12:36 pm - Tustin, CA

You have surely shocked your body..When you hit the gym after a period of time, it is advisable to start with light exercises,and gradually increase the intensity..Do your stretches as they will help your muscles relax..

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on 6/20/13 3:38 am, edited 6/28/13 2:29 am

Definitely you have shocked your body. I think you should go for a cardio or some other aerobics first then join a gym and doing cycling. Anyway don't worry it's happen when you do any work out or even any sports to first time or after a long time. Your muscles are tight badly and you get pain. Just relax and run first, just for ten to twenty minutes. Just to warm up your  body.

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