Sharp points of pain....... Anyone experience this.......?

Jeff Waldrop
on 4/2/17 6:57 am - Westlake, LA

I had RNY in May 2006 and bottomed out at 211 lbs (Started at 390) within a year. I never did what the doctor ordered: Develop an active lifestyle and make better food choices so the tool would work for me. I had ramped back to 270 this past Thanksgiving. I bounced between 250 and 270 several times but never went past 270.

That was a rude awakening this past fall and I swore I would do something about it. I started walking about 4-5 miles a day and really began to enjoy it. I have lost 40.7 pounds since Dec 13th, and my goal is 200 lbs by June 1. I am at 229.3 this morning.

Here is the reason for my post. This happened when I lost the initial 171 lbs in 2006 as well. Since Dec, I have sharp pin points of pain in my muscle tissue. Hurts like hell, too. Seems to be in different places, like the love handles (hips) mostly and now I have one in my left pectorial muscle. If I roll over at night, these things hurt to the point of really waking me up.

Anyone ever experienced this? Why?

Jeff W Waldrop

Westlake, Louisiana.

on 4/9/17 2:47 pm
VSG on 11/08/14

That is odd. May I suggest you create a pain log. Where the pain is and what you were doing prior to experiencing it. The more specific and descriptive you are the more data you can take to your doctor. Obviously something is happening, but trying to figure out a source of pain is difficult.

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on 5/1/17 2:51 am
Jeff Waldrop
on 5/2/17 3:33 am - Westlake, LA

JMM1234, Thanks for the reply. I think the consensus is what you are saying. Seems to be less as time goes by. I am drink plenty of water and taking a lot of protein powder in. I have blood work coming up and will discuss with Gen Practitioner.....

Jeff W Waldrop

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