ICE anyone? I'm stoked!

on 8/4/16 11:07 am

I was turned off by any "sparkling" water due to trying Lacruex (or however you spell it) water. Bleh OMG it was the nastiest stuff I've ever tried. BUT I just went to Kroger and they had the ICE water on sale for 10/$10 so $1 each. I got several different flavors to try. I have to say I really like the Cherry Limeade that I just tried. I'm in the beginning stages of my journey and am having a HUGE problem with my soda habit. But I think this will help me greatly getting off the Coke. I'm excited!

on 9/19/16 11:55 am
RNY on 12/19/16

Thank you for the recommendation.  I also have a problem with drinking too much Coke and have been trying different drink options.  I can't stand the taste of LaCroix or other sparkling waters either.  I've tried Propel but that left an aftertaste, Bai Blueberry is actually pretty good but contains sugar alcohol so not sure that will work after surgery.  I'll give the ICE water a try.  Good luck on your journey :)

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