Have you ever heard of a WLS patient having thiamine (B1) deficiency

on 4/9/18 1:12 pm

I am reading an article from Bariatric Times that says as many as 49% of people who've had WLS have had bariatric thiamine deficiency. This can be a fatal condition and is often misdiagnosed as dehydration and other things -- that's because a thiamine deficiency is rare in the general population (meaning doctors never see it in their practice or ER so they do not recognize it). So I am thinking of the many WLS patients I've talked to over the years and do not know of any who've had bariatric thiamine deficiency. Has anyone come across this?

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on 8/24/18 3:05 am
VSG on 06/28/17

I have not come across this personally yet; however, the iron I take is a formula for RNY/bypass and it has thiamine added, (in addition to what is in my multi). I know it can happen so I am watchful because as you pointed out many providers don't see it in the general population. They see these symptoms and think horse instead of zebra (if that makes sense). We have to be our own advocates many MANY times

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on 8/24/18 7:52 am

Oh yes, that analogy makes complete sense. There are MANY times that I have refused treatments and advice by physicians and specialists that would have been detrimental to my health. Unfortunately there were times that I did not refuse and suffered the consequences to my health. A physician's bad decision can be life changing and even life ending. I have worked in the industry for my entire career, and was involved in physician education. Medical errors are a huge problem.

Another thing to be aware of: I have spoken with bariatric surgeons online who believe that the blind loop doesn't exist in RNY. Say what? Google blind loop syndrome if interested in learning more.

When I was a teen I got a very sound piece of advice from a nursing director. She said, "Cheryl, it is YOUR body."

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