Bowel problems

on 10/21/19 4:10 am

Even before the surgery i am doing 2 protein shakes a day for about a week and half and it binds me up so bad...How am i going do it with all meals liquid and 3 protein shakes a 3 days i took 7 colace and 2 senas stool softeners and finally 2 laxatives pills and finally went the day this what i am going to have to do when i am on a liquid diet for 2 weeks..and does anyone else have this problem....what do i do help

(deactivated member)
on 11/19/19 6:29 am, edited 11/21/19 10:21 pm

Maybe you should look for some good suplements for it... I like those from Canadian Pharmacy Online, for example, and I think you will find them interesting to you too, have a look there

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on 12/5/20 6:27 am

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