on 11/11/19 12:20 pm

Got my ultrasound of my liver...I have to go for a mri of my liver now. Did my ekg and i have to go and see a cardiologist...my question has anyone had these problems and still got to have the surgery....I am scared that i am not going to be able to have the surgery..

on 2/10/20 10:30 am

Sorry for the late response... everything depends on your comorbidities prior to surgery and the severity of each one. The only one that would raise a red flag would be the cardiologist's report which would indicate that your heart is not strong enough for surgery or there are underlying issues that would need to be resolved prior. Most individuals who have a significant amount of weight to lose have a fatty liver. If there are bumps in the road, please do not feel discouraged. Take them as ways to prepare you more for surgery... you want to be at your best self possible that will result in a healthy outcome.

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