on 4/10/13 12:04 am - Oakville, Canada

I have just had my Doctor place a referal.....and my closest centre will be St. Joseph's Hospital.    Has anyone else had any experience with St. Joe's, either pre or post op.   Would really, really appreciate as much input as possible....both pro and con    Thank you in advance 11

on 4/10/13 12:30 am

I had my surgery there on March 25th..  They are a great clinic.  Parking is expensive and sometimes you can wait a bit for your appointment as they are really busy, But so far other than getting suck with a male roommate while I was there for my surgery, I have no other complaint.  Its a fairly new practice for St. Joe's to occasionally have mixed gender rooms.  I never had a choice, although I later learned I was suppose to have been at least asked.  

Tanya T.
on 4/10/13 2:56 am

I had my surgery in Hamilton in August of 2011....... it was from start to finish an exceptional site.



on 4/10/13 8:39 am - Canada

I have been with them for 4 years and I can say they are good.  I was pretty ill for 2 years and they were there for me. Every time I went to the emergency they were great.  When they decided that they would need to go back in they were great. The first time it got cancel. I was already to go but he ran behind in doing a RNY before me. They paid for my friend parking and gave her a free pass for the next time. He got me in the following week. If you need to talk to the Social Worker they will set up. I know if i need to talk I just need to call and they will set it up. You have nothing to worry about. By the way all the hospitals in Hamilton are putting men and ladies in the same room. I don't like the idea mostly sharing a bathroom with a guy. Things are changing

on 4/12/13 11:44 pm - Oakville, Canada

I am sooooo sorry that you were not well after the surgery .......thank you for being honest and replying.....I know that it is not always a bed of roses, and I need to hear and understand that side to things as well

It is wonderful to hear that St Joes is so very supportive.   I have been involved with St Joes in the past and have found them to be more than helpful and supportive, so I am glad to hear that that applies to the Bariatric department as well

As for men and women in the same room.....I was not aware of the change until my husband was recently hospitalized.  He was in a semi-private.....and told me that he had had a wonderful conversation with the woman in the next bed......not for a moment did I actually think that he meant to say IN .....my mind assumed that he meant someone who was visiting the gentleman in the bed beside him.     Seeing as the person in the next bed currently had not visiters and seeing as I am a rather chatty person, I suggested that, with permission of the patient in the next bed, we pull back the curtain so that all three of us could visit.    I just about swallowed my teeth when I realized that in the bed was a woman instead of a man.    It took a moment or so for my mind to adjust....but once over the initial hurtle....I got used of the idea, and we had a rather nice visit...!    As you said.....things are a changing.....so we need to get used to them.!!!    Way back when, I remember being equally shocked by the concept of Co-Ed residences at Universities.....but by the time my daughter got there, she absolutely laughted at the idea of NOT having guys live next door !!!

Catch up with you later


Daniel W.
on 4/10/13 12:42 pm

I am too going through the process at St Joes. I have attended the orientation and next week have my first nurse/ dietician appointment. I have heard such great things about them the only negative part that I have encountered they are now on a year and a half wait where before Christmas it was 6-9 months. or so I have been told. Good luck to you and I hope to see you around :)


on 4/10/13 3:57 pm - Oakville, Canada

gee......wish that I had got my registratio . in earlier .....

will seem like forever before I at least get to the orientation meeting !!!!

Did you get any information before the orientation meeting.....or did you have to wait until then?

on 4/11/13 1:01 pm - Canada

I had surgery at St Joe's February 15th this year. So far it has been a very good experience. The process can be quite long but lately it has been speeding up. I honestly can't think of any cons. The staff is very nice and the surgeons are awesome. There is also a really good local support group.

Message me if you have any other questions that I can answer and good luck with the referral

       Surgery February 15, 2013 with Dr Gmora at St.Joe's in Hamilton (includes 98 lbs lost before surgery)


on 4/12/13 11:29 pm - Oakville, Canada

Thanks so very much Maureen for replying........you will get sick of me bother you I am sure !!! .....but I have SOOO many questions!!!!!!!!

I am scared silly.....not so much about the surgery itself, but about the time after it.     I have had major trouble sticking to a particular diet...so FEAR that......what is it like ?.....how restrictive ? ....... from what I have read it sounds as though SOOOOO many foods are not allowed ? ........ does that bother you ? ......has it been hard to get used to ? .......what about the rest of the family ? .......do you have to cook a different meal for them? ....... is the support group just for those who have already had surgery, or can a newbie like myself be part of it  (would dearly love to have a hand to hold on to ) ?

There......see......told you so .......questions....questions.....questions...... !!!!!!

Hope to hear from you again real soon......and again....thanks so VERY much for replying



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