Iron pills cause nausea?!?

on 10/2/14 9:26 am - North York, Canada

Hi everyone, 


everytime me I take my iron pill, I feel sick to my stomach.... Anyone else experience this? Any remedies?! Suggestions?!


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on 10/2/14 10:15 am - Canada

I take 2 every day for my anemia for yrs. now and no problems


on 10/2/14 12:57 pm - North York, Canada

I wish that was the case for me :( do you find you get constipated taking that much? 

on 10/3/14 6:23 am - Canada



on 10/2/14 11:36 am - Canada

I had this same problem and mentioned it to my aunt.  She said she takes her iron pill right before she goes to sleep so the nausea doesn't bother her.  I've also found that if I take my iron right after I eat, I don't feel as sick.  Hope this helps :)

on 10/2/14 12:58 pm - North York, Canada

That's what I did last night. Went straight to bed but I still felt sic****il I fell asleep. This sucks :(

on 10/2/14 11:47 am - Canada

iron pills need to be taken with food. When I don't I feel sick. I have some yogurt at night before bed take the pill and I am fine. when I don't lay in bed feeling like crap

on 10/2/14 12:26 pm - OH

Calcium blocks the absorption of iron, so taking your iron with yogurt probably prevents you from absorbing that iron.

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on 10/2/14 1:00 pm - North York, Canada

Good point!!

on 10/2/14 12:59 pm - North York, Canada

I will try to eat a snack before I take it going forward :) thanks

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