Silly question

on 3/1/18 8:15 am

Can someone tell me how to get the writing under the ticker. ie HW, CW, etc Dumb question but I just can't find it.

Referral: March 2017, Orientation: June 2017, Nurse, Social Worker, Nutritionist, Pharmacist: Dec 2017, Physiotherapist and f/u with Nurse: Feb 2018, Meet Dr. Lindsay: Feb 2018, Pre-Op Feb 26, 2018, Start Optifast (4 weeks): Feb 27, 2018, SURGERY: MARCH 27/18 at St. Joseph's in Toronto with Dr. Lindsay. Height 5'2," 49 Years old, Hw: 365, Pre-Op Weight (start of Opti 355), SW 334 CW 209. Weight Loss: Pre-op -19, M1 -23, M2 -18, M3-18, M4-14, M5-14 M6-10, M7-14 M8-8

Leslie W.
on 3/1/18 8:57 am - Cobourg, Canada

Look at the top right hand corner next to your name. Click on the little wheel. Third one down is ticker

Referral: August 2010 Orientation TWH: May 25, 2011  NP: June 8/11, f/u sleep clinic June 7, abd u/s June 14, SW: June 28/11  Nutrition Class: July 5/11, Dietician Aug 09, Psychologist Aug 25 Surgeon Sept 16th Surgery Date: Oct 11/11 HW:287, Opti wt: 260 SW: 242
My Angel is Sheri TK   
on 3/1/18 12:07 pm - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/11/16

Click on the wheel beside the pink box at the top right. Choose Settings (closer to the bottom) then choose the Message Board tab. You want to add a Signature.

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