Morgan update

Nancy H.
on 10/16/11 7:57 am - Traverse City, MI

I am sorry, this the first time I have been able to post since Wed. This is fantastic news. I am noe here in Texas with the kids & having a blast.
Vicki, hope the surgery went great & DH is on the way to a speedy recovery!!!! I can't remember anything else,but I am thinking about you all & hope & pray you are having a good a weekend as I am!!!!! Nan
Our week of testing is done. Nothing has grown yet with the liver cultures their plan is to treat for a bacterial infection starting monday along with another round of chemo. MIBG had not changed BUT bone marrows were clear!!!...which means morgan should be headed to NY before xmas!
Monica B.
on 10/16/11 9:20 am - Emery, SD
God is good, happy heart at the news. Been missing you, but always in our daily prayers.

on 10/16/11 9:37 am - Shelbyville, MI
Whhooooooooo Nancy!!
God is so good! May Morgan tolerate another round of chemo!
I will keep all of your family in my prayers! Hugs Debbie
Judy G.
on 10/16/11 12:18 pm - Galion, OH

WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!!!!!!! THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!I am so happy for you Nancy and ofcourse for Morgan!!! And the rest of the family!!!! Keep us posted...Prayers continue!!!


Patricia R.
on 10/16/11 12:28 pm - Perry, MI
 Praise the Lord for such good news.  I am still praying for Morgn to gain strength, and heal.


Seek always to do some good, somewhere. Every man has to seek in his own way to realize his true worth. You must give some time to your fellow man. For remember, you don't live in a world all your own. Your brothers are here too.
Albert Schweitzer

Connie D.
on 10/16/11 2:14 pm
Oh Nan......if I could do cartwheels and not break anything I would. What wonderful news especially the Bone Marrow results...the power of prayer is amazing!!

It is such a relief to hear the excitement in your happy you are with your need each other at times like this.

Hug Morgan for me....tell her I am proud of her....she has been through so much and never gives up....she is a STAR!!!

More prayers, much love, and many hugs....connie d
Nancy H.
on 10/16/11 10:50 pm - Traverse City, MI
Connie,Morgan is sitting here next to me,& she would like to see a picture of Nic & Gracie. I told her about them & you. I also told her about Nic's green bug! If there is any way possible to get a picture up here we would love it. She also may want to talk to him so I may give you a call in the next few days. You don't know how much you being here for us has helped us. I hope & pray you are feeling better. Morgan says hello & thank you. I will try to post more pictures of all the kids later today. With lots of love & hugs, Nan
Connie D.
on 10/17/11 12:14 am
Nan and Morgan......I will have Nic help we post some pics this evening. He is at school and then to wor****il 6:00 or so. I am computer illiterate when it comes to pics!!!

Nic would love to speak with Morgan or whom ever. He is a great advocate for Childhood Cancer.

Much love and many hugs....connie d
on 10/17/11 5:46 am - Cibolo, TX

So happy that you are here in Texas with Morgan and family!  Great news about Morgan.  Praying for her!

I am all tied up with DH until he leaves on the 24th.  How long are you going to be here?  Still hoping we can work out some kind of a visit. 

Love you, friend!


Nancy H.
on 10/17/11 8:20 am - Traverse City, MI
Hi Vicki, So glad DH is doing so well. We will be here until th 1st.of Nov. I think.I am enjoying the girls & my son so much! It sure will be hard to go at any time. Just let me know if it's possible, & I will try to make it happen.
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