One month post LBL

Heather L.
on 11/4/17 2:10 pm - North Vancouver, Canada
VSG on 03/26/15

Thursday was my one month surgiversary!

I finally went back to sleeping in bed after four weeks in the recliner (which I'm super thankful for, but SO GLAD to get out of). Swelling doesn't seem to be much of an issue right now, but I'm very careful to take breaks if I've been too active. I still have some twinges of abdominal discomfort, so I try to limit lifting and bending as much as possible.

All exterior healing is going perfectly, other than a couple of stitches working their way out. I use paper tape on my incisions as per my surgeon's recommendation - he said it's just as effective as expensive silicone sheets.

My shape is still changing and I expect that to continue for several more months. I'm trying not to get too upset about perceived deficiencies because my overall result is pretty awesome, actually.

I'm shocked at how quickly the time has gone. Not just the last month, but also the 2.5 years since my sleeve and the three years since orientation and even the five years since I first started seriously considering surgery... And now, here I am. Huh. ?

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Gwen M.
on 11/5/17 4:42 am
VSG on 03/13/14

Looks great and sounds like you're healing well!

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Laura in Texas
on 11/5/17 12:34 pm

Your results are amazing and I'm glad your healing is going well. Learning to love ourselves completely despite our perceived deficiencies is so important. I truly believe it is why I am still at my personal goal at 9 years out.

Laura in Texas

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on 11/5/17 8:36 pm

Fantastic results! You look awesome! Thank you for sharing.

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on 11/22/17 1:45 pm
VSG on 10/25/16

Looks great.

I am obsessed with LBL before and after photos. Hoping to find one comparable to me. I am going to ask the surgeons office to take new ones because these last 15 pounds where some sort of tipping point. My formerly bubble butt is completely flat and looks like a lumpy bread pudding!

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