What's on your Wednesday Menu?

on 10/21/20 6:02 am
RNY on 06/03/15

Mornin' All!

just a drive-by since I've registered for a European obesity conference that starts in six minutes. Not sure how long this will be - but if it's longer than two hours and it's great, I may tell the Mah Jongg people that I'm not available to play today (we play from 10-noon).

after a couple of not-so-good calorie days (well, one horrible calorie day) and WAY too much sodium yesterday (6000 mg), I am feeling like a water-logged blimp this morning. Which may be a blessing because feeling this way may help me maintain control today. And I plan on really slamming the fluids today, too. I'm up 3 lbs from last week - although I'm sure that's almost all water.

not much else going on today - but I have a lot of to-do list items I could work on...

QOTD: I don't even know what we're doing for the holidays - or if we'll get together at all - so no. Plus other than my niece (age 23), we're all over 50, so no one ever wants anything. It makes shopping very frustrating. I usually end up giving them consumables or things like gift certificates to restaurants, but the latter is out this year because of COVID. So maybe just consumables. Or something like an amazon gift certificate. I have no idea! Thanksgiving we'll probably just get together with the moms - or maybe just MIL if my mom wants to get together with my sister's family (there would be too many of us for my comfort, so I'm not doing that this year).

TSS: 5y4m

B: cheesecake-flavored yogurt pie with strawberry compote, coffee with half & half

MS: Fit Frappe

L: leftover stew

AS: probably L&F yogurt with a pear or apple

D: turkey slices with some kind of vegetable (or salad - or cole slaw made with Asian-style dressing)

have a great day, everyone!

Melody P.
on 10/21/20 6:02 am - TX

Good morning everyone.

it was a night of tossing and turning. I had a really bad pain day yesterday. I had to get my hair cut yesterday and thankfully it was quick. I'm so very tired. It promises to be a long and dragging day!

for us cat owned people I saw this and had to share!

qotd: I have ordered supplies to make some things for my nieces and nephew. The girls are getting jewelry and the nephew is getting a bunch of balls. Not sure if my mom and me will do much in way of exchanging gifts. Money is an issue. Time will tell. I usually have it done by now but this has been a strange year.

b: Chex cereal, almond milk and coffee

l: gf bread, roast beef lunch meat and daiya cheese

d: ???

s: popcorn, strawberries and ???

39 F and 6 foot 1 inches

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I coffee! Mels Chainmaille

on 10/21/20 6:13 am

I posted the pic from last night's dinner in yesterday's thread!


Let it begin with me.

Melody P.
on 10/21/20 6:17 am - TX

It looked delicious! Thanks!

39 F and 6 foot 1 inches

VSG - 3-14-18 - - - Revision to RNY - 5-29-19

I coffee! Mels Chainmaille

on 10/21/20 8:07 am - Central Coast, CA
RNY on 06/26/17

That pic made me

Your nieces are very lucky to get your custom made jewelries.

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on 10/21/20 8:48 am
RNY on 07/20/15

That picture is hilarious. I just sent it to my mom whose cat is a serial puker.

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on 10/21/20 7:08 pm
RNY on 08/11/14

Your meme cracked me up.

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on 10/21/20 9:22 pm
RNY on 06/03/15

I love that pic!

on 10/21/20 6:06 am
RNY on 11/22/16

Good morning everyone. Our fridge is offically dying. I tried to revive it this weekend, but it's on the way out. I was thankful that I was able to order one at Home Depot. It will be here Nov. 4th. They don't deliver because I live far away, so we will have to pick it up. I really hope my husband is not out of town for work that week. I do not like driving our truck down the freeway, especially with a fridge in the back. I feel like my anxiety while driving is really bad right now. Yesterday, I had to go buy the fridge in Portland. Traffic was bad and everyone was driving like a jackass.

QOTD- I have zero ideas for Christmas gifts. I have been asking my kids what they want/need and they respond that they don't need anything. My daughter and I usually do holiday baking and deliver goodies, but I don't think we will do that this year due to covid.

Food yesterday was on point! I took longer in town than anticipated. I really wanted a crunchy taco, but I resisted and ate a chomps. Those small changes are adding up.

Plan for today-

1 black coffee with miralax, then hot decaf tea

B- 2 eggs, 1/2 c. cottage cheese

L- 1 can albacore tuna with dill pickles, jalepenos, onion and mayo

D-Ricotta bake with added italian sausage, zuchinni, spinach

S- boiled egg or chomps if needed

on 10/21/20 8:51 am
RNY on 07/20/15

Sorry about the fridge, that sucks! I am secretly hoping ours kicks the bucket so that we can upgrade to a better designed freezer, haha.

  • High Weight before LapBand: 200 (2008)
  • High Weight before RNY: 160 (2015)
  • Lowest post-op weight: 110 (2016)
  • Maintenance Weight: 120 (2017-2019)
  • Battling Regain Weight: 135 (current)

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