Post-Op Gas Pain

on 4/1/11 6:35 am - Bronx, NY
Hi guys,

I had surgery this past Monday and ever since I came out of the OR I've been suffering from severe gas pain. I make it my duty to walk around every hour. I didn't start passing gas until Wednesday and it still seems that the gas is trapped and refuses to come out.

Do you guys have any suggestions for me to eliminate the gas from my belly? I've been crying daily because the pain is unbeareable, and I won't take the pain meds because I think it's gonna get me constipated and prevent the gas from getting out.

I'll take all suggestions cause at this point, I'm done!

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on 4/1/11 6:54 am - GA
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Babygirl, walking is the best thing you can do. The Gas-X is for gas in your intestines and is not going to do a thing for the gas in your abdominal cavity. 

You might want to take the pain meds AND a softener, because being miserable and crying is not helping a thing, my love. 

Sorry your doctor did not burp you like a waterbed!! 
on 4/1/11 6:56 am - Ashland, OH
Hey Girl, sorry to hear your in such pain!!! I had surgery last Thursday and I have on gas bubble under my left side that WILL NOT COME OUT!!!

Walking IS the best way, I have found, but maybe try to eat something like SF jello or a protein shake that will make you have a BM also, I did what I wasen't suppose to and took a few sips of caffinated  coffe to move my bowels a dr. told me that the gas (used during surgery) my first be obsorbed by the body then expelled (whatever that might mean :) get's a bunch better probably by next week!!!

Hang in there, and congratulations on the surgery!!!
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on 4/1/11 7:31 am
I used a heating pad wherever it hurt the most--belly, shoulder, neck.  Give it a try!
on 4/1/11 7:42 am - Kensington, CT
Hey there congratulations on the surgery!!! Glad that all went well!! I didn't have too much gas or pain so I can't help you there but I have heard as foxbins posted a heating pad helps with the abdominal gas pain and a good old back rubbing /patting burp. Feel better!!
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on 4/1/11 7:44 am - Bronx, NY
So far, I've been walking hourly, I've taken Gas X tablets, and I used my ho****er pack so much that it exploded in the microwave last night. I will admit, it's starting to get better, but the pain is killing me.

on 4/1/11 8:14 am
I didn't have any gas in the hospital but when I got home that was a different story. I've been taking Phazyme. Take 2 then walk a little feel a whole better
on 4/1/11 8:15 am - United Kingdom
There is nothing like the gas pain.  I really sympathise.
Take the pain killers and get some stool softeners. Don't suffer it is just not worth it.
on 4/1/11 1:26 pm
I had sugery the same day. They reccomend a heating pad and walking. THE HEATING PAD DID HELP.
on 4/2/11 2:01 am - Bronx, NY

I just went out and bought a heating pad that plugs in. I hope this really helps.

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