what would you do?

on 5/2/11 9:53 pm - AZ
Okay - so - I've had my share of "issues" since my surgery. Mostly my own fault. I'm trying as hard as I can, I swear, to get in all my fluids but I ended up in the hospital a week ago with dehydration and low potassium. Turned  out I have ulcers as well. So, sometimes, when I have issues, I call my surgeon's office and talk to a nurse practitioner. I'd say, I've called maybe 4 times in the 2 months since surgery.  Now, I've started getting "attitude". It seems like they are just mean. So now, I'm wondering if I should just go see my PCP and let him take over my care.  I can't stand the thought of having another issue and having to call the surgeon's office again and being talked down to and berated.  When I was in there for a follow-up after my hospitalization, the PA made the comment, "so you are the infamous....(insert my name here)". What does that mean? That the whole office is talking about me? I'm really mad. What would you think or do?
on 5/2/11 10:14 pm - Doylestown, PA
Without hesitation, I would contact the doctor, and make him/her aware of the treatment that you've been receiving. Sidestep the PA and the LPN's, and go straight for the doc.
on 5/2/11 10:45 pm - AZ

I've considered this, however, in my office, the only time you see the surgeon is 1 pre-op visit and the surgery. All the aftercare visits are done by the PA and the nurse practitioners. If I make waves, then I have to face these people for the rest of the time I'm going there. That makes it pretty difficult to continue my care. I will REALLY dread going to the office then knowing that I "turned them in". I'm not very good at confrontation.  I'm considering talking to the hospital that the surgeon works for. Wonder if that will do any good?
on 5/2/11 10:42 pm
I SOOOO agree I'd call the surgeon directly. They will want to know that this is going on. I know I would want to know if my employee were being unprofessional and that is what this is.
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on 5/2/11 10:48 pm - Harrisburg, PA
I think that you should call the surgeon and let him know how you are being treated by his employees. He should be very interested since they represent him and I'm sure that he doesn't want his name put out there bad because of the "chickies" in the office.....
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on 5/2/11 10:58 pm - Kensington, CT
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How about posing this question directly to your PA snd see what she thinks. Let her know that her comments and attitude have made her feel uncomfortable and that you are hesitant to call if there is an issue. "God forbid if one of my issues is truly serious as hello "dehydration" is serious.....and I don't call because your making me feel uncomfortable.....how are you going to feel? I felt the same way prior to surgery and I went ahead with the surgeon because I was only a few weeks away and it's his skill I was interested in not so much his bedside manner but still ....No excuses for having an attitude coming from the Dr. or any of his/her staff. They forget "we are the Customer". Good luck what ever you decide.
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Karen M.
on 5/2/11 11:12 pm - Rockwall, TX
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I would definitely talk to the surgeon personally. I also have gotten my aftercare from my PCP. I just feel more comfortable that I am getting the overall care I need rather than just the "sleeve" issues.

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on 5/2/11 11:24 pm - AZ
Hmm. So you are going to your PCP instead of your surgeon?  How's that going? I really think I may go see my PCP.  He can deal with dehydration and labs as easily as the surgeon can. Maybe I'll get my records transferred to him as well. Sometimes I think the surgeon's office feels cheated out of money during the global period (90 days after surgery everything is included). So, they do as little as possible... I don't know. I'm just tired of it.
on 5/2/11 11:40 pm - TN
You know I work for a Physcian's group and I am sure your surgeon's office has a practice manager. That is the person I would speak too and express your concerns over the comment that was made to you and I would also at the same time let her know you want to move your records to your PCP's office.  Yes, your PCP can certainly handle all issues that need to be addressed and then if they need to they can talk with the surgeon your Dr. can always make that call on your behalf.

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Karen M.
on 5/4/11 12:54 pm - Rockwall, TX
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It's going well. I won't go back to my surgeon except for my every 3 month check ups. Everything else I'm seeing my PCP. She knows me better anyway.

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