Can this be right?

on 8/18/11 8:36 am - Bronx, NY
So last week I weighed myself and I was 174.2lbs. I did my usual thing. I worked out three times since last Thursday and I've been monitoring everything that I eat. Today I get on the scale thinking that I lost 2lbs at the most. The scale said I'm now 161.8lbs. Is that possible?

Don't get me wrong, I'm so excited, but I thought that was a large amount of weight to lose in one week. I was having my monthly last week too. Could that have been water weight too?

Tell me what you guys think.

on 8/18/11 8:45 am

Believe it, girlie!  Wow!  What ever you are doing must be kicking bootay! I sometimes don't believe my scale either.  I think, " I wonder if the batteries are going dead and it is wrong", or something like that.  Then I will go weigh myself somewhere else, and sure is about the same!

Keep up the great work!  That is super!


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on 8/18/11 8:49 am - Houston, TX
Don't question it. Take the loss!
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on 8/18/11 8:57 am
It's only one of two things......

- It's fur reals !!!


- Your scale is wonky ???


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on 8/18/11 9:10 am - PA
Dayyyyyyum! I don't know what to tell you, but if you have any secrets I'd love to hear 'em! lol!
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on 8/18/11 9:57 am

I think if the scale and the tape measure are going down, it's all good.   Congrats.

on 8/18/11 11:11 am - West Warwick, RI
Wow that is a lot in one week! I would take and run real fast...
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on 8/18/11 11:48 am - Bronx, NY
Right now I'm running for the hills. I'm dancing!!!

on 8/18/11 1:36 pm - Amityville, NY
I think you pulling all the punches.GGGGGGGGGGGreat job
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