Concerning Questions re: Sleeve - Surgery in 13 days!!

on 10/4/11 12:03 pm
My surgery is scheduled for 10/17.  Is there a standard size of the sleeve/pouch the surgeons has to make?  What is the typical length/width of a pouch?  How much food/calories can you eat initially for a typical day? 

I am just wondering how much restriction will I have initially and maybe a year out?  Are any of you experiencing hungry pains?  My understanding is that the hunger hormone is removed during the sleeve surgery but I have been reading people are hungry a few days after surgery.  How can you tell the difference between actual hunger and head hunger?  I'm a large portion size eater.  Sometimes I crave sweets- ice cream, cake and cookies.  These are vices I am learning to stay away from.  I understand with the sleeve these sweet items are tolerable and easy to consume with that the calories are absorbed.  With the RNY the results are very different due to the dumping syndrome as an indicator.  But I choose the VSG because I did not want my anatomy rearranged.

Because I am so close to surgery, I'm starting to think I should change to RNY.  I just want to be successful and only want to do this one time.  This is such a major decision and life changing. 

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on 10/4/11 12:18 pm - Granada Hills, CA
Most hunger soon after surgery is caused by acid - thats why its important to get a PPI when you leave the hospital (or before if you can get your surgeon to submit the prescription) - my journey to sexy skinny bitch status

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on 10/4/11 12:35 pm
I got sleeved two weeks ago and I dont experience real hunger pains, more like I just want to eat solid foods. I want to bite into a sandwich or eat some pasta. But I am not actually reallly hungry. Hope this helps
on 10/4/11 1:30 pm
 Even with the RNY, you can't rely on dumping to control your sweet tooth.  Some people just don't dump.  Everyone craves something now and then.  Any surgery is only a tool to help you control your eating.  You can eat around any surgery and continue to keep your weight on.  I am hungry sometimes, and sometimes not at all.  The sleeve helps me to stay on track and not eat the huge portions I used to be accustomed to.  But a certain amount of self discipline is involved with any WLS.  The main source of the hunger hormone is removed when you have VSG, but I understand that some of it is also manufactured elsewhere in your body, although not as much as your stomach.
I can still only eat slightly more than I could at the beginning at 10 months out.  I also wanted to be successful, and not have to do anything over.  So far it is working for me.  I was definitely sure I did not want any intestinal rearrangement and I also have to take Nsaids from time to time, so the VSG was just right for me.
on 10/4/11 10:36 pm
The standard size of the stomach can not be determined because your anatomy and surgeon's technique play a large role in your capacity. Everyone is restricted early out because of the trauma and swelling. At 2-3 months I could eat 2oz of meat, at 4-6 months I could eat 3oz of meat, and then around 8-9 months, my sleeve pretty much was matured, and I can eat 4-6oz of meat with a few bites of veggies or starch. At 28 months out, I can eat the same amount of meat, but I can have a couple ounces of veggies or starch with it. Those are slider foods, and don't take up much space.

As for dumping, only 30% of RNY patients dump, don't count on that to keep your hand out of the cookie jar. It's not a guarantee that you'll deal with dumping. And, none of the surgeries beat poor food choices so no matter which surgery you choose, what you put in your mouth is going to be the determining factor for your success.

As for hunger, I'm still never physically hunger. But, cravings are mental, and they operate on our stomachs not our brains. You'll have to learn the difference between head and physical hunger. It's different for everyone. If you eat scheduled and planned meals, you'll be able to determine real hunger from head hunger. My head hunger is "hmm that XX(snack) sounds good".
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on 10/5/11 12:36 am - TX
Your questions are valid, and I think you've gotten your answer but I'm concerned for you that you don't know all this already with it being so close to your surgery date. does your surgeons office provide a post op diet class for you?

I'm 3 weeks post op and depending on what it is I can eat 1-2 oz of one thing while softer mushier food may allow for 3oz. But I can also fill up on one single egg... Or a slice of cheese. So far I havent really felt "hunger" - occasional nausea which I question whether that is the hunger feeling or not. I eat b/c I have to right now, not b/c my tummy says "feed me" and food that smells or sounds or looks good doesn't always feel good or taste good. Everyday is a new day with my sleeve.

Good luck to you. I hope you have a good team of Dr's and dietitians to help you along this journey as you will find on this site that everyone's Dr's have slightly different programs and what works for one may not for another! It's always best to refer to your medical team with any questions you have!
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