Losing after 6 months

on 1/8/12 12:08 pm - Houma, LA
Hello everyone, I hope someone can help. I am 4 months out, and my doctor says I have to lose all my wieght by the time I hit 6 months, he says I will not lose any weight after 6 months, is this true? has anyone lost more weight after 6 months? I'm just not understanding this.

Thanks for any help
on 1/8/12 12:12 pm
VSG on 03/29/12
I don't think it's true that you won't lose ANY weight after six months... more like the rate of loss might slow down significantly around then. My husband has lost over 100 pounds in a year, and it was definitely not all in the first six months.

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on 1/8/12 12:18 pm - LA
 I think you need a new doctor! I'm at ten months and still losing! 
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on 1/8/12 12:18 pm
That is so not true.  I'm 9mths out.  It has slowed down a little, but I'm still losing... Please don't lock yourself into a time frame.  Let your body do what its going to do.

This is such a process...Are bodies are all different.  We all will take a different amount of time to get to goal...Just enjoy the journey. Don't force yourself to do it to quickly..

Good Luck


on 1/8/12 12:35 pm - FL
Please see my signature. It's entirely possible to lose after 6 months.

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on 1/8/12 6:31 pm
I hate it when doctors tell people they can't do something. You can! Stick to your plan, keeping your calories around 800, protein up, carbs down, keep up with your fluids and you should still lose. You may lose more slowly than you'd like because it looks like you started out lower than many people do. But it is do-able.
on 1/8/12 9:05 pm
on 1/8/12 9:30 pm - Australia
I'm three years out in April...and still loosing.
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on 1/9/12 12:35 am - MD
I don't know why a doc would say that.
There are many of us still losing after six months!

I expected at the six-month point to have a slowdown in loss, and months 6 and 7 were smaller losses, but then month 8 was a good loss.  I'm still losing at a great rate, and I'm nearing goal.  My goal at the moment is 180, that's my dr's goal for me.  But when I hit that, hopefully next week, I am going to change my goal in 10-lb increments and decide as I go down where I want to end up :)  

Here's my loss so far:

Pre-op loss -- 15 lbs.
Month 1             21 lbs
Month 2            12 lbs
Month 3            15 lbs
Month 4             16 lbs
Month 5             11.5 lbs
Month 6              9.5 lbs
Month 7              7 lbs.
Month 8             12 lbs.
Month 9             I've lost 9 lbs so far, and have another week in this month.
TOTAL SO FAR:  128 lbs gone!

HW: 310 /  Lost 15 on pre-op diet  /  SW: 295  /  CW: --- /  GW: 170-175

George B.
on 1/9/12 2:14 am - Miami, FL
Your doctor is wrong. I lost 100% of my excess weight but it took me a year to reach my goal.

My weight loss slowed down at 6 months post-op. I reviewed what I was eating and realized the bulk of my protein was coming from soft sources like protein shakes, cheese, Greek yogurt, beans.

I changed to dense protein, mainly tender beef and seafood, and saw my weight loss resume and felt a lot of restriction. Dense protein fills you up with a small amount and keeps you full longer. For example,  I can eat 8 oz. of Lentil soup with no problem but 4 oz. of steak fills me right up.

Limiting my carbs to less than 40 grams per day was also instrumental for my continued weight loss. When my carbs got too high my weight loss slowed.

I followed the plan my doctor gave me and lost 100% of my excess weight and have kept it off without a lot of effort.

1. Eat 600-800 calories per day when losing weight  and 1,200 calories to maintain
2. Limit carbs to less than 40 grams per day
3. Eat 70-100 gram of protein daily
4. Minimum 64 oz. liquids daily
5. Regular exercise/physical activity
6. Track what you eat ( I use myfitnesspal.com to track calories, carbs, protein, etc.)

Review what you are eating and make appropriate adjustments. Cut out slider foods like bread, rice, potato, chips, carbs in general. You can eat slider foods all day long and feel no restriction.

Dense protein, limiting carbs and regular physical activity were responsible for me reaching my weight loss goal and maintaining.

As long as you follow the program you will continue to lose weight. I'm 2 1/2 years post-op and still have a lot of restriction and I'm still not hungry. 

Good luck,