How fast?

on 9/10/12 3:39 pm
VSG on 12/17/12
 How fast after all consults were done was your surgery scheduled?

I know it varies but curious of your experience. 
I am self pay so I don't have to haggle with the insurance. 
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on 9/10/12 4:04 pm
 I had my first appointment towards the end of January, scheduled surgery for feb. 18, but had to reschedule for march 19th, (didn't have all the money at the time. )
So it doesn't take long at all! It depends on how booked your surgeon is.
on 9/10/12 4:06 pm
 Went to an informational in Feb, had surgery (with BCBS of Texas) in June.

So if you are selfpay do you not have to do all the NUT classes, counseling, xx month physician supervised diet, etc?
VSG on 6/22/11
on 9/10/12 4:09 pm
 I didn't have to.
I went to a 30 minute class just to go over what would be going on, how the liquid diet would be, what vitamins we would be taking.
on 9/10/12 4:12 pm
 aagh, I didn't realize that
VSG on 6/22/11
on 9/10/12 4:18 pm
VSG on 12/17/12
The 18th I go for an all day session (the program for my doc does this so you don't have schedule lots of little appointments and disrupt work schedules) so that day I will meet with psych, lab work, nut, and doctor and will need to schedule upper Gi and chest xray they do with all patients pre-op.
Being self pay means I don't have to do the required 6 month monitored diet.
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on 9/10/12 4:46 pm
First consult on June 28 and surgery Aug 14.
on 9/10/12 6:35 pm
My surgery was scheduled my first time meeting w/ the surgeon and then I did all the testing, every program is different


on 9/10/12 7:01 pm - MI
VSG on 05/07/12
i went to a seminar on march 1st...

met with the doc on march 22... and on that date i scheduled the appointment with the dietitian and phycologist and had to have an upper GI done..

and that same day i got my surgery date... I was a self pay also... i actually got in pretty quick... i would have been able to a week earlier but the doc was on vacation
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