Kelli M.
on 12/3/12 9:18 am - CA
VSG on 12/04/12

Hey guys! My dr has told me to stay away from caffeine after the surgery, but let's get real. Caffeine is my life source! I work at freaking Starbucks for crying out loud! How long did you wait after the surgery to to have caffeine again? It's been a few days and I already feel the life being sucked out of me!



(deactivated member)
on 12/3/12 9:27 am

December 6, 2011 was the last time I had caffeinated coffee! I was sleeved the next day. I just never went back. I'm a lot happier, too. No reliance on caffeine to get me going or to see me through the day. Sort of freeing, really.

As a point of reference, at Starbuck's I always ordered a red eye because the coffee was too weak for me! That's the kind of coffee guy I was back in the day!

on 12/3/12 9:41 am

I didn't touch my version of crack for a few months post op.  Then just a half caff here and there.  I do more caffeine now, pretty much half caff all the time now.  I have noticed more acid issues since crack has reentered my life, but nothing terrible.  I am still Ok with doing straight decaf too still, just the folks at work start to tremble if they don't have some caffeine.  

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on 12/3/12 9:44 am - Granada Hills, CA

The nice thing is that with my surgery a couple weeks ago and the pain meds, I didn't go through any noticeable caffeine withdrawal and I was a serious coffee drinker. 

I think I waited three months after my sleeve before I started drinking coffee. 


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on 12/3/12 10:04 am
VSG on 11/30/12

I had coffee two days post op

on 12/3/12 10:26 am
VSG on 06/25/12

I still am unable to drink caffeine.  I try every once in a while but I usually end up pretty nauseous.  Everybody seems different.




on 12/3/12 10:27 am - Independence, KY
VSG on 11/16/12 with

I accidentally put the wrong tea bags in, I'm 2 weeks post op.  I've been paying for it.  Been spasming for 2 days now.  Not fun, also the spasms make me nauseated.  Which hasn't been an issue until I drank the caffeinated tea. 

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Kelli M.
on 12/3/12 12:28 pm - CA
VSG on 12/04/12

Maybe I can survive without caffeine, but I'm thinking realistically. I love it, so I'll probably go back to it after a month or so. Thanks guys!



on 12/3/12 12:52 pm - CA
VSG on 08/21/12

I was a huge Starbucks fan before surgery and I still am. But I don't drink the caffeinated stuff-- decaf only. I don't detect any difference in flavor.

At least try decaf if you can't give up isn't as tragic as you think it will be.


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on 12/3/12 4:22 pm
VSG on 08/16/12

I waited 3 months and my surgeon wanted me to wait longer becuase he said the caffeine can irritate the incision site in some people and in some people, not all, caffeine can stimulate your hunger.  So I waited 3 months and slowly added caffeine, I still drink mostly decaf, my first cup of caffeinated coffee made me run around like a nut job.  that was a home made cup, I have had a fully loaded latte from Starbucks 1 time! I forgot to say decaf skinny vanilla latte and 2 hours later I was SHAKING! It was awful.  My suggestion is hold out as long as you can, just try the decaf stuff, its not awful if you shake it up with some vanilla protein powder for ur breakfast and then slowly add it back in until you see how you and ur new tummy will tolerate it! Good luck :)