Craving Cookies

on 2/4/13 7:50 am - LA

Help!!!! I have this craving for some type of sweet cookie. I have tried to grab a fruits to try an forget about it but it will not let me be. Any suggestions I could try, or any good weight loss cookies or something that can be recommended. 

on 2/4/13 7:56 am - CA

I have no cookie suggestions but I will tell you that you're maybe craving sweets because you are eating too many carbs. I know that I have no cravings when I stick with a high protein diet and very, very low carbs. If I choose to eat leafy green vegetables and avoid starchy ones and avoid fruit of any kind I will not have any cravings for sweets. I know that is probably not the answer you want but the sugar free cookies have a lot of carbs and will not help you with your weight loss. 

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on 2/4/13 7:59 am - LA

I understand you completely, just find it hard. I though fruit will be something good but I guess not. 

on 2/4/13 8:36 am - Westborough, MA
VSG on 08/19/13

I was actually going to suggest that you try something like apple chips but I found they actually contain more carbs than low carb cookies!!  That being said..if you like tea..try something like an orange, lemon, apple flavored tea and sweeten it with something like honey or whatever else you use besides sugar.  If you have to have something more of can try a graham cracker with jam on it?  Or an English Muffin with jam on it...I don't know where you are in the whole wls't take my suggestions as if they were written in stone.    

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on 2/4/13 8:43 am - Decatur, GA
VSG on 08/07/08 with

Ditto what Cece said!  Cut out the fruit, the simple carbs, and the sugar, and the cravings WILL go away, I promise.  enlightened

The most peaceful year and a half I've ever had was my first year and a half post-op when I ate NONE of that stuff.  Finally, after 30 years of cravings and compulsive bingeing, I was at peace.  Then ... I let a few things sneak back in, and the fight is back on. A word to the wise, Monique :-)

Best wishes on your journey!


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on 2/4/13 8:58 am

Hi Monique!

There is lots of talk abt carbs here on OH. No matter what side of the fence you can find pros and cons to any issue.

My thinking is that for some folks, carbs to obese people is like heroine to an addict. It's tough to cut out, and the more you have, the more you want. Total withdrawal is usually the best way to go as others have said. I myself have no processed carbs or breads of any kind. I DO however have an orange everyday, and FOR ME...that works.

I probably didn't help much, but in a nutshell...ya gotta be attention to what works and what you crave.If you are set on VSG  cookies...enter it up in the top right corner under'll get info. 

Good luck!!!



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Lisa S.
on 2/4/13 11:34 am - NV
VSG on 07/09/12
When I am craving sweets I will either have a piece of a good protein bar or doctor up a protein shake. You can do all kinds of things with shakes. I posted a thread earlier with a link to delicious shake recipes.
Our minds play games. It says we cant lose weight, we will fail, what harm is 1 cookie gonna do, etc. are stronger and better than that. You got this!



on 2/4/13 12:09 pm - Sacramento, CA

Ditto what cece said.


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on 2/4/13 1:13 pm - Springfield, VA
VSG on 01/23/13 with

I started reading these low carb cookbooks - there are tons of cookie recipes in "1001 Low Carb Recipes." Maybe give those a try....

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on 2/4/13 2:28 pm - Edmonton, Canada
VSG on 06/26/12
I'm not a low carber, but cookies are not generally on my plan for the day, so when I crave sweets I have several options other than diving headfirst into the cookie jar.

First - do I actually need protein? Low blood sugar makes us WANT sweets, when protein and fibre are what will actually help by raising and stabilising blood sugar.

If my protein is where it needs to be and I just WANT something, I make myself a nice cuppa and sip it. I take sweetener in my coffee and sipping a hot, sweet drink will very often totally resolve the urge to eat sweets. Sugar free apple cider (15 calories) is another option that works for me.

If it's close to snack time, 1/2 cup of Hi Lo cereal or Fibre One nibbled on dry will both fill me up and give that crunchy-munchy satisfaction. (record it, of course) 1/2 a Quest bar or GNC Breakfast Square are other options - but they have to fit into my calories for the day. The chocolate brownie Quest bar, cut into small pieces, can deliver pretty decent flavour satisfaction without blowing my day.

Last weapon - sugarfree candy. NOT handfuls (that foolish path leads to painful gas - not that I'd know that from personal experience...) I take 2-3 from the bag and put the bag AWAY, then enjoy them.


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