Simple Truths Not Often Spoken

Sandy M.
on 6/8/14 12:34 am - Detroit Lakes, MN
Revision on 05/08/13

I read this article on CNN this morning, and it hit my truth nerve.  Here's some sound advice not on how to diet, but how to adjust, adapt, and cope with the lifestyle changes necessary for our journey.  Number 1 was my favorite!



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on 6/8/14 1:45 am
DS on 10/21/14

Great article thanks for sharing!

Dawn ..
on 6/8/14 1:47 am - MI
VSG on 09/23/14

Great article. Me: 2 and 1.

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on 6/8/14 2:30 am - Moorhead, MN
VSG on 10/16/13

I am with you on number 1. While I agree with the others, too, number 2 is up there, too.

Number 1 is something that I struggled with the first few months or so, and only a couple months ago told myself to "get over it!" That is, get used to this new normal. I did what I wanted pre-op (with food & exercise) and if I want to be be successful there will be "discomfort" and really, a lot of the things that sucked at first have not necessarily become comfortable, but are more tolerable and just the norm.

BTW, Sandy, how's your summer going just a hop, skip, and a jump away in DL? All good here. I am so happy that summer has finally arrived after our long cold winter and nonexistent Spring. 

Sandy M.
on 6/8/14 3:25 am - Detroit Lakes, MN
Revision on 05/08/13

Hi Sarah!  My summer has been wonderful so far.  I've been loving taking care of my little garden, walking, and enjoying the wildlife.  I must go harvest some more rhubarb today (2nd harvest already) so it doesn't completely take over!

Height 5'4"  HW:223 Lap band 2006, revised to Sleeve 5/8/2013, SW:196



on 6/8/14 6:40 am - Moorhead, MN
VSG on 10/16/13

That's great!

I've been busy gardening, too, but have a huge garden. I have to go out and harvest my rhubarb for the second time, too. All three plants are monsters right now.  It's so good. I found a recipe for a rhubarb compote that I want to make sometime soon.

(deactivated member)
on 6/8/14 2:35 am

That was AWESOME.  I completely agree with all the points and try really hard to live them every day.  Thank you for posting this.

diane S.
on 6/8/14 3:17 am

love this.  especially the part about getting your head right. this is a mental process as much as a physical one.    diane

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VSG on 06/12/13

Awesome article! Thanks for posting!


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